Form Pilates, The Beginner Mat Series

Lindsay Lopez
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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Wood flooring with white cabinets/drawers, yellow walls.


No music in the workout so you can choose to use your own. (it may not be necessary in the Basic or Beginner sessions since Lindsay gives lots of detailed instruction)

There are 3 chapters: Basic, Beginner and Flow.


This section is for true beginners as Lindsay demonstrates the easiest modifications to follow. Lindsay instructs as Will demonstrates the moves. This session is not only good for beginners, but also for those with back pain, limited range of motion or injuries as they will also benefit from the program. Here are the exercises you'll learn in this order:

1. The Hundred
2. The Roll Down
3. Single Leg Circle
4. Rolling like a ball
5. Single Leg stretch
6. Double Leg stretch
7. Spine Stretch forward
8. Saw

The basic session runs for about 8 minutes.

Beginner: Still for beginners, but Lindsay adds a few exercises. She continues to give great pointers but with slightly less modifications. Julie demonstrates while Lindsay instructs her. This segment is the longest at about 19 minutes. Here is the beginner session exercises in the order she does them:

1. The Hundred
2. The Roll Down
3. Single Leg circle
4. Rolling like a ball
5. Single leg stretch
6. Double leg stretch
7. Single leg straight
8. Double leg straight
9. Criss Cross
10. Spine Stretch forward
11. Saw
12. Swan Prep
13. Side laying leg work
14. Teaser (with modification)
15. Teaser without
16. Seal
17. Front Support

Flow: Lindsay demonstrates all the moves you've learned in the beginner session in a continuous flow. In 9 minutes, you'll work your entire body. (this section is great for when you are short on time) The setting for this session is different. Lindsay is alone on a wood deck outside.

If you are a beginner who is new to pilates, this would be a great place to start. Once you've mastered the basic & beginner sessions, the flow session will work you out in only 9 minutes.

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