Discovering Pilates

Jon Belanger
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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Production/Music: Production quality is excellent. (you can see a picture of the set on his website on the dvd page) The music is an upbeat instrumental.


The workout is broken down into 2 sessions (each with their own chapter). You'll get a 30 minute beginner/intermediate workout and a 40 minute intermediate/advanced level workout.


In the beginner workout, Jon & Kate demonstrate each pose several times and then the viewer follows along doing the recommended reps of the exercise. (example 8 reps to tempo)

The video has spoken and written cues. (you'll see tips on the screen throughout the session) Jon's form and precise cues allow beginners to perform the exercise correctly (and allows int/advanced participants to focus on results!).

The 2nd workout is more challenging with less break down. (you'll jump right into the poses & perform the reps for each exercise more quickly) Jon adds a few more difficult exercises in this session. You'll still receive excellent verbal/written tips to ensure correct form.

I found this pilates workout different from others in that Jon perform reps of each exercise. There should be no missed counts on one side versus the other! Also each workout is complete with side lying, prone and supine exercises. You'll tone your body and gain greater flexibility!

Instructor Comments:
Jon is a certified Pilates instructor and member of the Pilates Method Alliance. (his background exerciser Kate Kruuse is as well) He's also an ACE certified personal trainer & group fitness instructor, SPINNING cycling instructor and Bosu Master Instructor. Jon is also a retired military officer and combat veteran.

Denise Ruble