Booty Call and Abs too!

Tricia Murphy
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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Set: Black flooring and red curtains with black striptease sign in background. (it's not too dark however)

Music: Instrumental

Warmup: An aerobic warmup prepares the body. Swaying hips with side steps begin. Squats are then added to that combo. Next is 2 marches in, 2 marches out then Tricia begins to move them forward and back and adds arms. Then she takes everything from the top. Tricia then adds heel taps forward with bicep curl arms then she varies the pace (2 slow, 4 quick). She then takes everything from the top several times. Warmup approximately 5 minutes.

Standing work: Tricia uses no weights and her 2 assistants use light hand weights. She does 2 exercises then repeats them again (for 2 sets total). Reverse lunges with knees and wide squats are the 1st sequence. After these 2 sets, Tricia then does some aerobic moves to raise the heart rate. Rock forward (mambo) and travel side to side (background exerciser Nikki takes it up a notch), repeating several times. Tricia then marches it out and then you'll perform a drill (which raises the heart rate and tones the thighs). Grab your weights again (if using them) and perform baby lunge squats/chair pose, repeating sequence twice. The next sequence is side lunges into forward lunges with plie squats. (repeat twice) The last exercise is squats raising up into opposite knee to elbow. This segment is approximately 17 minutes.

Floor work: Tricia instructs while the ladies perform the movements. Basic crunches, twisting crunches and lower/upper crunches begin. Then you'll perform more challenging side planks and front planks. Leg work is next. Leg lifts and knee in & outs are done with multiple reps & counts. After this you'll do a few more ab exercises before stretching everything out. This segment runs about 20 minutes. Total workout length approximately 42 minutes.