Body Burner: Yoga & Pilates

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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Save your money.

This is one of the Body Burner workouts, designed to be done on the Body Burner or Yog Flex rebounder. Only a couple of segments of this use the incline feature, though, and I don't think it was really needed - any rebounder would work.

The workout is 23 minutes long, and is done in the same bright, brick room as the other BB workouts. A class of 6 or 8 women participates - I didn't see any modifiers.
It starts with very basic, beginner pilates exercises, just done lying on the rebounder. Roll Down, Single leg stretch, leg circles, side kicks series, bicycles. There are a couple of moves where you use the reistance band hooked under the rebounder behind you - spine stretch forward, and one that I can't find the name of...they were fun using the band.

The yoga is done with the rebounder inclined - but it's just used as a prop to make it easier to do the poses. Down dog, side angle, triangle, maybe one or tow more, but not many poses, and no real yoga feel to it.

I got this yesterday, and have done it once, but seriously doubt it's one that'll grow on me...

Instructor Comments:
This is led by a woman, whose name I didn't catch. She's also in the other Body Burner workouts, and is pretty good with cuing and form tips.