Body Bar Express: Core Strength

Lashaun Dale
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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The set is similar to other Body Bar workouts, and also similar to some of the BOSU series workouts if you're familiar with them. Not distracting or annoying at all. The music will be familiar. It's instrumental and various tunes are heard in many other step and strength workouts. Again, not distracting or annoying at all. There are two background exercisers who do not whoop, and who both show a few modifications.

The stretch is fluid and easy, done on the floor and the bar is used as a prop only. You could do this easily without a bar if you prefer. The first segment uses the four pound bar, and is a series of isolation moves, upper and lower abs worked separately. Again, if you pay attention to form and breathe slowly, you will feel each move. Dale gives excellent cues and form pointers throughout the segment.

The second segment is the most challenging. You start with a nice back stretch (similar to Child's Pose), and progress into plank/push-ups. VERY challenging, I thought! From there you move to a series of balance challenges, with the body bar balanced on your lower back. One background exerciser does these without the bar, and the other follows Dale. I used the bar, and found it surprisingly difficult! You have to concentrate on balance and your core the entire time. You do a simple series of lifting opposite arms and legs, to the front and sides, but because you are working to not let the bar fall off, you are working much harder than you think you would. It was fun, and made me feel strong! The final progression is full, slow push-ups on your toes, with the bar on your lower back.

The third and final segment is standing. She picks up the heavier bar for this, so I did as well. It's mostly flowing balance work, with some side squats and lunges in there. Nothing complicated or stressful for my knees, and I have issues. I was able to do these without pain. Balance work is incorporated throughout, and Dale constantly reminds us to draw in our belly button. She then picks up another bar, but since they are used only as props, any weight will do. You then do a series of knees up and out then back balances, using the bars to help you hold your balance. When we switched legs, I switched bars, but it's not necessary since you don't really use them as weights. The final stretch used one bar, again mostly as a prop. I enjoyed this workout!

Instructor Comments:
Body Bar Core Strength led by Lashaun Dale is a 30 minute workout using both a four and nine pound body bar. I used a six and nine pound one, and I would consider myself an intermediate/advanced exerciser, who has been concentrating on balance and core work for several months now. This is a great workout as an add-on, or when you want a "light" day which gives you core and balance work.

Dale is pleasant and gives constant form pointers. She sets up a move with correct posture technique before you start it, and if you really pay attention to her and to your form, you will feel the work. She's not overly chatty, but neither is she serious all the time. She says a few "cute" things, but I didn't find them distracting or annoying.



Okay, I did not DO this video. The preview was enough to
let me know I would never do this workout. It has a lot of
Pilates style roll-ups and also lots of push-ups which I
hate. (Of course, for me, more than twelve push-ups is
too many!)

FYI - there is a section where she uses two body bars for
some standing exercises.

This is one of those core strength videos where you had
better have a strong core already.

If you like Pilates-style workouts, you may like this

Instructor Comments:
She lost me right in the beginning of the video when she
orders the viewers (twice!) to sit down gracefully. I
don't know, she just bothered m