The Anti Aging Method

Carol Argo
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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This workout is a fusion of movements from yoga, pilates and tai chi, with an Nia influence. It is composed of several segments and, If you do all of them together, it will take about an hour to complete (however, the DVD is well chaptered, so you can pick and choose to do as many or as few as time permits). Along with the instructor, there are two background exercisers. I think the set has been used in videos by other instructors, as the green walls and shaded windows (not sure they are real) had a familiar feel. The lighting seemed a little off to me, but it did not interfere with my enjoyment of the workout. For equipment, only a mat and a towel are needed. There are no complicated steps and the workout is done barefoot (I love this!). When I am finished, I don't feel beat up or worn out, but rather relaxed and peaceful and calm, sort of like I've been to a spa - to me it is a treat for both mind and body. While simple enough for beginners, I think intermediates or advanced who need something after an illness or who just want a lighter day workout can benefit too. I especially like this workout when I am feeling stressed or unsettled. Carol's other available workouts seem geared toward use in the pool (Water Tai Chi, Water Yoga, Water Pilates). I really like her Anti-Aging Method and hope to see some more non-water based workouts in the future! Carol's web site is and you can get a glimpse of the workout at (Note: I am in no way affiliated with her). It is also currently available through Amazon.

Instructor Comments:
Calm and pleasant demeanor; appears fit and healthy



Carol Argo's The Anti Aging Method has 9 movement segments blending yoga, tai chi, pilates and dance. They are all done barefoot. The setting is very pretty, which you can see on her website The music and production are great. (this was produced/directed by Linda Shelton)

The workout has the following chapters:

*Total Workout: 50 minutes, Seated Yoga Warmup, Standing Energize, Free Dance, Yoga Tai Chi Dance, Posture, Long & Strong, Pilates Abs and Relaxation Yoga.

*Energize & Dance: 20 minutes, Standing Energize, Free Dance

*All Floor Yoga & Pilates: 27 minutes, Seated Yoga Warmup, Long & Strong, Pilates Abs and Relaxation Yoga.

*Bonus Chair Yoga: 6 minutes

Carol begins in a cross legged position on the floor. This whole section is done on the floor either seated or in all 4's position. Gentle stretches for the neck, shoulders, chest and back are demonstrated. Flowing side to side stretches lead into a wonderful spinal twist. Carol even warms up the legs/lower body by leaning back on her elbows and doing a bicycle motion with her legs. She finishes up with a cat stretch that flows into down dog.

Mambo's and hip sways begin this sequence. Two steps to the side with sways are next. 4 small steps to side with heaven & earth arms (just easy reaches up and down) follow. Carol repeats, adds a new move and then takes it from the top. (but not overly so) All the moves really flow well with the beat of the music. Playful kicks & arms followed by toe taps with floating arms are next. Mini grapevine with water arm movements are very graceful. This whole section was very fun. Carol added balance moves and some easy spins to finish this segment.

**Yoga, Tai Chi Dance**
Blending yoga and Tai Chi, you'll energize and build some functional strength. Lots of balance moves, which are beneficial as you get older. If you love Petra Kolber's Breathe, you will love this workout too! (this section and the one prior has that same Tai Chi gracefulness to it as Petra's does)

This segment uses a towel and it opens up chest & shoulders. All stretches enhance your posture. They are all gentle and very soothing.

**Long & Strong**
Grab your mats and head back to the floor. Carol starts in all 4's position with alternating arm/leg lifts. She then brings one knee into chest and back out, then does two tricep pushups. To work the upper back she does swimming type movements but in a slow, controlled manner. Kneeling lunges stretch the back and work the legs. Carol ends this section in plank position.

**Pilates Abs**
Carol begins by holding the towel and doing a gentle pilates roll up. Then she demonstrates several pilates exercises that work the entire core region. (you'll work your core hard but since she demonstrates it in a controlled way, it seems relaxing as well)

**Yoga for Relaxation**
Pure bliss as Carol guides you through soothing yoga postures. A towel is sometimes used, such as wrapping it around the foot to elongate the leg to stretch the hamstring muscle. Shavasanah closes the practice.

**Bonus Chair Yoga**
Using a chair as a prop you'll do a variety of yoga stretches. The first move is a lunge move using chair to relax into it and she adds a chest stretch with hands behind the back. Next is a seated wide angle pose relaxing head down to release tension. (she also turns this into a twist by bringing one arm up and twisting to that side) Spinal twists finish up this bonus workout.

Instructor Comments:
Carol's instruction/cueing is right on so anyone can follow along. She suggests we experience the joy of movement and it shows in this workout.