Advanced Body Slimming

Mari Winsor
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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Iím reviewing this workout after doing it several times over the year or two that Iíve had it.

General workout breakdown: This Pilates matwork routine runs just under 20 minutes. Beth has already broken down the moves, so Iíll just add that the side leg series has front & back, bicycle, ronde du jambe, small circles, and scissors, while the kneeling side kick series includes front & back and pulses (up & down). As mentioned, Mari moves quickly between and through the exercises, with just enough time to set up. Her double times are very quick, so you need to know what youíre doing or else youíll feel like your limbs are flailing about. She does a decent number of repetitions, enough to feel the exercises. The focus here is on the abdominals, or--as Mari says--ďstomach,Ē with some work for the lower body, too. I wish Mari would include a few more stretches (here she only does childís pose and mermaid) because I often feel tight after doing her videos.

Level: Iíd recommend this to someone who practices Pilates at an intermediate level through someone at the intermediate / advanced crossover point. Mari assumes you are familiar with Pilates and have quite a bit of strength and flexibility, so she doesnít spend time on instruction, form tips, and breathing cues. Some modifications are suggested but not shown. Also, this includes some of the more advanced moves, like the rollover and jackknife, which Mari asks you to perform quickly; if youíve never done them before, you should seek out practices with more explanation and a slower pace. I consider myself almost a solid intermediate; I have about three years of Pilates experience but am still working on improving my flexibility and strength. This workout was a bit much for me when I was a lower intermediate, but now itís doable, if still quite challenging.

Class: 2 women perform all of the exercises while Mari walks around.

Music: upbeat, with a beat, but otherwise forgettable and played quietly.

Set: interior space with hardwood floors and muted lighting. The space itself seems confused, as if itís a courtyard that never made it outside. (Thereís a small jungleís worth of plants in the one corner, and the other side wall has windows with purple lights behind and fake gray stairs in front.)

Production: good picture and sound, helpful camera angles.

Equipment: mat (or equivalent). All exercisers are barefoot.

Space Requirements: enough to lie down with arms and legs extended, with enough space to each side to sweep the limbs around.

DVD Notes: The DVD is chaptered into four segments: Mari Winsorís Intro, Advanced Body Slimming Workout, Advanced Body Slimming Description (same as the back of the DVD case), and Video Catalogue. There are no chapters within the workout itself.
FYI, this comes in the slightly smaller and thinner cardboard case.

Conclusion: This is the only Winsor Pilates video Iíve kept because it moves quickly through a basic matwork routine in 20 minutes, which is a great length for a Pilates video. (Surprisingly, there are few videos with so many of the traditional matwork moves in the traditional order, more or less, that take only 20 minutes.) Also, Iíve kept this particular Winsor video because I can tolerate Mari here.

Instructor Comments:
As mentioned, Mari focuses on cueing the moves rather than instructing form; her cues are concise and to the point. She has toned down her on screen persona here, and I find she doesnít bother me in this video. Her voice doesnít seem as shrill as on other videos Iíve tried, and she doesnít snap a lot (two reasons I generally donít click with her).



Wow--this is an intense 19-minute Pilates routine! Mari starts with the traditional sequence of the hundred-the rollup-the rollover, moving through the repetitions quickly and with little pause between the exercises. After rolling like a ball and single leg circles, Mari lead you right into the series of five, upping the intensity by adding a second set of faster repetitions to each exercise. Other exercises included in this workout are leg kicks, back stretch, child's pose, the neck pull, the jackknife, the swan, several teaser variations, heel beats, and the side kick series. You'll end with a few additional side kick exercises performed on the knees (tough!) and finally the seal. I know that I'll use this video frequently whenever I am looking for a quick, intense Pilates workout at a high intermediate level.

Instructor Comments:
As always, Mari leads others through the routine rather than performing the moves herself; here she works with the same two women from her Upper Body Sculpting video. Given the up-tempo pace of many of the exercises in this practice, Mari comes across as even more of a drill sergeant than usual. The fast pace also means that there is little instruction, but Mari does offer form pointers here and there.

Beth C (aka toaster)


A bit about me. I am intermediate/advanced in pilates (home videos, never been to a class), have been working out for about 8 months now. Love pilates, yoga and walking workouts.

This a very quick moving workout. I loved it! I've always loved her Accelerated Body Sculpting video, but found it was too long and there was too much time between exercises.

This video is exactly what I was looking for. It has all the exercises that you know work and she just gets it done. A great time crunched workout!!

Not recommended for those new to pilates. This is definitely for people who know pilates positions and just want to get to "the nitty gritty" and get it done! Highly recommend for intermediate/advanced!

Instructor Comments:
She is quick and to the point. She doesn't chatter at all. She instructs others, does not do the routine. Some people don't like her, but I think she's great.