8-Minute Core Workouts

Andrea Bernard
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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Excellent workout. Very efficient given the short time periods and relatively easy to follow. Intermediate workout but weights would bump some moves up to advance. Nice summary of moves by previous reviewer. I loved having differing levels of the moves displayed and the use of the stability ball and chair made for some new twists on some old moves.

Instructor Comments:
She seems nice and easy to follow.



This is a newer production with Andrea Bernard and two other participants. Andrea does the easier version. One girl is doing the intermediate version and another guy is doing the advanced version. They all seem pretty fit and buff.

The production value is much higher. It seemed to be filmed in a hotel room by the beach because they have the screen doors open and the scenary is quite nice.

8 minute sections of arms, thights/legs, butt, abs, and stretch. The usual format with the count down clock. The video is very time efficient. There're lots of variation. You can speed up (lighter) or slow down (heavier). Most reps are 8-15, mostly 12 reps. If you repeat one section a couple of times, you get a pretty decent workout.

Some minor issues: Sometimes Andrea does uneven reps on each side, and sometimes Andrea would say two more, but only does one more. But it doesn't bother me that much.

Here is a breakdown of the exercises:

abs (9 exercises)

front plank (45 sec)
side plank R/L (65 sec)
double crunch (56 sec)
bicyles (44 sec)
right side lying crunch for oblique R/L (40 sec)
left side lying crunch (40 sec)
Reverse side crunch R/L (65 sec)
Reverse crunch (52 sec)
Front crunch (52 sec)

arms (16 exercises)

chair push up (24 sec)
chair dips (28 sec)
chest flys (30 sec)
chest press (27 sec)
Right standing row netural (30 sec)
Left standing row neutral (29 sec)
Bicep curl/overhead press (31 sec)
T's externally rotated rear delt raise (31 sec)
Scapation (modified front raise (28 sec)
Lateral raise (27 sec)
Rear delt raise (30 sec)
Bicep curls (31 sec)
Right tricep kickback (28 sec)
Left tricep kickback (28 sec)
Hammer bicep curl (32 sec)
Tricep extensionn (31 sec)

thighs (16 exercises*) SB = stability ball

Basic squat with sb adduction (30 sec)
Right chair split squat (28 sec)
Left chiar split squat (23 sec)
Alt sb transverse lunges (32 sec)
SB modified deadlift (27 sec)
SB alt. plie squat(28 sec)
Right chair hip extension (31 sec)
Left chair hip extension (24 sec)
Right sb outer thigh lift(31 sec)
Left sb outer thigh lift (29 sec)
SB bridge-bent (35 sec)
SB add. bridge(29 sec) inner thigh
SB leg curl (32 sec)
SB bridge - straight (30 sec)
Right inner thigh lift (28 sec)
Left inner thigh lift (28 sec)
*beginner version without the ball

buns (9 exercises*)

Basic squat (53 sec)
Left split squat aka stationary lunge (53 sec)
Right split squat (50 sec)
Plie squat (53 sec)
Left side lunge (56 sec)
Right side lunge (53 sec)
Alt front lunge (49 sec)
SB hip bridge-bent legs(52 sec)
SB hip bridge-straight legs (52 sec)

*intermediate and advanced levels use dumbbells and stability ball

stretch (24 stretches)

hip flexor right (17 sec)
hip flexor left (17 sec)
chest/shoulder (22 sec)
lumbar roll (17 sec)
shoulder - right (21 sec)
shoulder - left (15 sec)
tricep - right (19 sec)
tricep - left (16 sec)
standing quad - right (18 sec)
standing quad - left (18 sec)
left inner thigh (20 sec)
calf - right (21 sec)
right inner thigh (17 sec)
calf - left (19 sec)
piriformis - right(21 sec) one where you put your foot on the opposite knee
hamstring pull - right (18 sec)
IT ban - right (twisted hip stretch) (18 sec)
piriformis - right(18 sec)
hamstring pull - right (22 sec)
IT ban - right (twisted hip stretch) (20 sec)
side lying lumbar - right (20 sec)
side lying lumbar - left (20 sec)
knee to chest (20 sec)
child's pose (24 sec)

Instructor Comments:
Andrea seems pretty nice and encouraging. She says to feel free to modify back and forth whenever needed.

Pian aka vigirl