10 Minute Solution: Prenatal Pilates

Lizbeth Garcia
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength , Pregnancy/Postpartum

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This is a pilates workout for pregnancy, from the 10 Minute Solution series. I am not pregnant but got the video for a pregnant sister, and of course did it with her! Granted I did this on a lower energy day, and after my regular exercise, I found that this was surprisingly challenging. My sister is in her first trimester and said it felt just right for her.

Like all 10 Minute Solution videos, there are five 10-minute sections that each have a specific focus, and can be played in any order, and individually or linked together for a longer workout. This video is broken into five parts:

Standing Pilates: Utilizing light weights (1-3#), perform some gentle standing pilates exercises such as saw, one leg squats and some arm work while balancing on one leg. This was a light overall body toning workout. This section also had some pelvic thrusting, which I certainly got a laugh out of, but it does help strengthen the pelvic floor.

Pilates for Buns & Thighs: Includes a side laying series which was surprisingly tough, and finishes with some bridge work.

Core Pilates: She suggests using one large pillow (like a king sized or sofa pillow) for first trimester, and two pillows for second or third trimester, to do some lying core work. I have heard that doing supine work while you are pregnant is a no-no, but she doesnít keep you down there for all 10 minutes, and you have the pillows. The core work is a little gentler and includes single leg stretch, double leg stretch, roll ups, and the like.

Total Body Pilates: Using light weights again, perform some exercises standing, while kneeling, and in a modified side plank position, while working your shoulders, chest, back, biceps, and triceps. This section was fairly intense!

Pilates for Flexibility: This chapter is performed on the floor and included such exercises as saw with legs in a comfortable straddle, cat and cow, thread the needle, and some relaxing breathing.

I would say this is an intermediate workout, and I bet it would be pretty darn challenging when youíre in your third trimester, to execute some of these exercises. Lizbeth was very pregnant when the workout was filmed, and she did a good job with form pointers and sequencing the exercises so you donít have to rearrange yourself too much. She didnít always use the accurate names of pilates exercises, but that didnít take away from the workout being enjoyable and thorough. Grade A.

Instructor Comments:
Lizbeth was a good instructor, as I said she didnít use accurate names for many of the exercises, but she did use very good form and reminded mothers to always make it comfortable for you, and how your energy level is today. Sometimes she didnít cue clearly when you were in a position that made it difficult to watch the TV, which made me crane my neck around to see what she was doing, but this didnít overwhelm the workout.

Emily B.


I liked this workout and expect to get more use out of it in the coming months. I was an intermediate exerciser before pregnancy, doing mostly FIRM and Kathy Smith, but found I had to slow way down due to faintness in the first trimester, then issues with my pelvic bone and ligaments in the second trimester, aggravated by a a prenatal yoga workout which shall remain nameless.

I love that you can do all 10 minute sections together or individually. There is also a great option for programming your own workout. Each 10 minute segment targets a particular area: total body, lower body, core, flexibility and strengthening. Light dumbbells are used for some of the strengthening sections.

I also like that the instructor is pregnant and moves more slowly and carefully between exercises. The music is cool and non-obtrusive, the set a wood floor with some furniture in the background.

I give it a solid A.

Instructor Comments:
Lizbeth is in her third trimester and looks like I wish I looked right now. She's no-nonsense and no woo-woo.