Trainer's Edge: Killer Butt

Delores Munoz
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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Hi all. I have tons of exercise dvd's & LOVE this one for the results. The repetitions get boring ,ut I put in a favorite cd and focus on the final picture. It's intermediate/advanced and you add weight as you progress.
Again, I'm very happy with the results.

Instructor Comments:
Delores is very likable with a great physique.



I got Killer Butt for around $7 on clearance at a local Ross store. It’s definitely not for someone who dislikes squats and lunges. There’s a standing segment of about 30 minutes that starts with “sprints” or knee-ups where you rest your weight on one bent leg and pull the other up to your chest, up and down, up and down. Then you do many squats and lunges, with some variations. Squats with kicks, plie squats, lunges, static lunges, nothing fancy.

The floorwork section is around 15 minutes long. It starts with “bridgework” (pelvic lifts) and then goes into a variation where you do a pelvic lift while also lifting one leg straight up, so basically the leg still on the floor really gets worked. Then you flip over for “table work” on hands and knees. This includes “donkey kicks”, side leg abductions, and variations of rear leg extensions.

I used light weights for some of the standing work. About halfway through, one of the background exercisers picks up dumbbells, the other a body bar. I also used ankle weights for the floorwork, as does one of the background exercisers.

I really don’t remember the music; it’s nothing special. One background exerciser is really buff and wears teeny shorts and sports bra, the other has a somewhat different, softer look and wears capris and a sports bra. Dolores doesn’t speak to them at all during the workout.

All in all, not what I’d call a terribly exciting workout, but I really feel it every time. Maybe it’s the slightly slow pace, or the high repetitions, but it really seems to work my butt and outer thighs. The DVD includes a bonus, the floor ab segment (about 10-15 minutes) from Killer Abs and Back.

I think I got what I paid for, and will keep this one for a while, at least. It’s a good mindless workout that really hits the lower body. You could easily use heavier weights, or none. It’s also a good one for focusing on form. The DVD is well-chaptered, so you could do the standing segment one day, floor the next, AND you can skip through Dolores’s intro.

Instructor Comments:
Well, I love Dolores’s capri pants. She’s wearing this rather revealing top and it looks like she’s, um, well-moisturized to show off her muscles and cleavage. But it’s not as bad as the Michael Olajide Killer Abs and Back look. She does look good, no exaggerated flat abs or anything. She doesn’t really talk much, other than to cue the next move and count. Her manner is quite different from other instructors; overall she’s pretty low-key. Sometimes the counting bugs me, but I have no strong feelings about her one way or the other.



Workout Length: 43:47 Minutes

Chapter 1 - Intro with Dolorez Munoz (1:03)
Chapter 2 - Warm Up and Squats (9.12)
Stationary Sprints
Squats with Kicks
Pulsing Squats
Plie Squats
Pulsing Plie Squats
Chapter 3 - Lunges (3:52)

Alternating Lunges
Pulsing Lunges
Chapter 4 - Applied Resistance (10:18)
Front Kicks
Squats with Kicks
Pulsing Squats
Plie Squats
Pulsing Plie Squats
Alternating Lunges
Pulsing Lunges
Chapter 5 - Floor Work (12:47)
Reverse Bridge
Reverse Bridge with Kick
Reverse Bridge
Reverse Bridge with Kick
Donkey Kicks (right side)
Fire Hydrants (right side)
Bent-Leg Extensions (right side)
Bent-Leg Pulses (right side)
Donkey Kicks (left side)
Fire Hydrants (left side)
Bent-Leg Extensions (left side)
Bent-Leg Pulses (left side)
Chapter 6 - Stretching (5:20)

Chapter 7 - Credits (1:11)

Bonus Workout - Quick Start Abs & Back Workout With Michael Olajide (11:59)

The music is by Muscle Mixes. This a very thorough glute and thigh workout. It can be made more challenging by adding weights. This a very repetitive workout. The instructor counts constantly. If sweaty cleavage shots bothers you, this isn't the workout to get.

Instructor Comments:



I started out not really liking it.
The counting annoyed me. I kept trying to figure out what 'age group' the short-haired woman belonged to after Delores made a point of saying how her exercisers were from different age groups (deliberately chosen this way to show us that anyone can workout).

Then, I started to like it. In the end, I decided to keep it, and rotate it amongst my lower body workouts. I burned about 180 calories on my watch during the whole workout, including Michael Olijade abs, which was a lot of fun.

She starts out with standing legs.

20 sprints on one leg
20 on the other
20 again on one
20 on the other

10 or 20 squats (forget how many)
20 (very boring) slow squats with front kick. This wouldn't have been boring if it had been faster. I ended up doing them faster.

10 squat pulses (3 pules per rep)

20 plies (I think it was 20 - already, i've forgotten)
10 low end plies

20 alternating lunges
10 on each side, lunge low ends (3 count per rep)

Then, do the whole thing, but with weights. Instead of sprints, you do front kicks.

I used 5 pound weights (5 in each hand) because that's what I had nearby. Kristen, the very long and lean and muscled "younger" background exerciser used a body bar, and the other one (pam?) used small weights. delores was without weights.

After this was floor work.

First, bridge work -

20 bridge lifts
then lifts with kicks (10 or 20, can't remember)

Then do it again.

After which, on knees and elbows/forearms for:

40 leg extensions to the back (here is where the counting infuriated me. I'm looking down, so when she started over at 1 after 20, I thought she switched legs. She hadn't, and this threw me off).

After those, she did 20 side donkey things after moving her arms a bit to the side.

Then she did 10 where your leg is up behind you, parallel to the floor, and your shin part is perpindicular to the thigh, heels pointing at ceiling. Open and close leg (so you straighten and bend leg).

Then you go back to the bent leg position and do 20 quick pulses up.

Switch legs, do the other side.

And then a stretch.

After that,, there was a 10 minute Olijade ab segment:

Crunches (20?)
Alternating oblique crunches

alternating oblique crunches where your knee comes up to meet elbow of opposite arm

heel raises


And then something that reminded me of the knee-up-vee-up thing in P90X ab ripper x. You lie down, bend one knee, foot flat on ground. The other leg is out straight, and is lifted off the ground. You raise that leg 3 times (pulsing), never touching the ground, and then sit up into a v, with the leg straightened (ouch). I think it was 8 times on each side, and it was challenging.

Then a nice stretch.

It clocked in under 1 hr with both segments.

I'll keep it. It's a nice lower body workout. Maybe not the most exciting, but since I probably couldn't sell it for more than $5-8 dollars, it's worth keeping.

Instructor Comments:
Delores tells us right off the bat that she's been doing this for 25 yrs, and that yes, she's somewhere in her 40s.

Delores is friendly and encouraging. She's non-whoopy, but I thought she was very amiable.
I didn't like it when she squealed "Squeeze" 2 different times... it sounded like a clown had suddenly invaded.

Also - interminable counting - and it was BAD counting. She would count to 10e, then count backwards. It was irritating. Or she would say 1, 2, 2, right leg, 3,2, 4, 2, 5, right leg (sometimes saying 2 to mean 'right leg' after doing left leg).

She also had an annoying tendency to count to 5 before starting a new move. I dont' need that break.

Michael did that in the abs section to.