Thighs Of Steel 2000

Tamilee Webb, Donna Richardson, Tracy York
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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I liked doing the Steel workouts when I was pregnant because the aerobics are low impact and even if there is a little jump, they show you a modification for it. This is workout starts off with a nice fun upbeat warmup with Tamilee Webb. Then it goes into a 20+ minutes of low impact workout. Donna starts off with a basic easy combination that anyone can pick up. Then Tracy shows you some more and then Tamilee finishes off with a higher intensity combination. The music is really upbeat and rockin rollish. Then Donna does a little cool down with easy arm movements. But then you aren't finished! You have some great lower body toning. Donna does standing leg work. Outer thigh extensions with a squat. Then Tracy lies down and does a killer outer thigh raise that has my leg crying for mercy. Especially when you have ankle weights on. It's funny because she loses count and then relies on Donna to help her and then Donna then realizes that she made a mistake on counting too. Then they laugh. We are all suffering with the outer thigh raise! Then Tamilee does more inner and outer thigh work. Very tough! Then Tamilee does a refreshing cool down. I love it. The music is so fun. I really like this workout and never tire of it. I feel that these will always be a classic to me.

Instructor Comments:
Tamilee wears a turtle neck one piece thong and has gobs of makeup on but if you overlook this, she does a good friendly job in this workout.

Tracy is her cheerful perky cheerleadery self. She has curly hair like Shirley Temple so this must be an old video. It is fun to workout with her.

Donna Richardson wears a green bathing suit type workout outfit. As well as Tracy and Tamilee. Green,green,green. She does a lot of whooping but is having a good ol' time which transfers to my workout. She does a very good job on instruction.

Mandy Lee