T-Tapp Hit The Floor Workout

Teresa Tapp

Categories: Lower Body Strength , Total Body Workouts

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Filmed in Teresa's living room with no music or background exercisers, this 30 minute abs workout challenged me like nothing else ever did - including Cathe and Pilates. I couldn't even complete all the reps on some moves. Wow!

T-Tapp is isometric contraction as opposed to isotonic, and works the muscles at both insertions to build long lean muscles as opposed to short bulky ones. Form is crucial to these workouts.

Teresa provides plenty of form pointers. If you really pay attention to what she's saying, your legs and abs will be fried by the end of this one! I absolutely love it, and it's a workout that will challenge me for a long time!

Instructor Comments:



So far I really like this video. I'm probably a low intermediate in fitness level, by the way. I've done it 3 times in a row (so I don't know how this tape is long term). So far, I've noticed:

1) Teresa really knows her technique, and the things you're likely to forget (toes pointed, both feet, for example).

2) The first time I did it, I didn't think much of it as an ab workout. I got more of a burn off of Callanetics. However, the second day, it was like a whole different workout. My abs, legs, and butt were burning like crazy, and I felt it well into the next day, when I did it the last time. Probably I was hobbling quite a bit the third day, saying things like, "ow, it hurts to move", "ow, it hurts to stand up," " ow, it hurts to sit down"... well you get the idea. :) My husband took over the television, so I can't tell you how the 4th day went (Teresa has a 'boot camp' concept in her newsletter, where you do T-Tapp 4 days in a row to break a plateau, and boost results. I don't know if this applies to the Hit the Floor workout, but I figured it was worth a shot. : )

3) At the end of the workout, I definitely felt rejuvenated, instead of limp like a wet noodle. There are some cat stretches at the end, followed by some standing stretches and shoulder rolls that really helped get my body ready to carry on with real life. I like ending the stretches standing, because the seated stretches at the end of a tape make me want to stay sitting. :)

Stephanie's written a more in depth review of this tape, but I wanted to add my opinion, since there aren't a lot of T-Tapp reviews. Oh, by the way, for those of you who couldn't stand Tae Bo because of the counting, you might want to think about it some more. Teresa does a lot of counting during the tape (interspersed with form pointers and such), but corrected herself the one time she miscounted (which I think counts for something, pardon the pun). I personally found the counting motivating, since I knew I only had 3 more to go, etc. I do have a few lines along the top of the screen during the tape, but I haven't tried adjusting my VCR, so it might not be quality related. (Thought I'd mention them, though, just in case.) All in all, though, I really like this tape. I feel really worked out at the end, without feeling passed out, and it's almost exactly 30 minutes long, so it's not hard to fit in.

Suzette Petty


Again it is Teresa and you in her family room setting. This video does not start with the primary stretch, but she suggests you do it beforehand. Then it is to the floor. Teresa does some warm up exercises for the tummy utilizing the lower ab and groin region, it is tough. There is a lot of "alignment" and spine torques in this video designed really to give you good posture. It is different from Meriam's FitnessRecipe site as well and most traditional ab work including yoga abs with Rodney Yee. The video is a half hour long and also consists of some table-type work for the butt--which you will feel. There are also traditional crunches included in the tape. My obliques and lower abs really hurt after this tape for at least the next day or two if I am not doing it regularly and this is every time (I have had the tape for nearly a year now).

There is a sequence she says is excellent for women, especially short waisted ones like me, called "Putting the Organs into Place." This scares some people, but I did actually talk to my doctor about it and he said while he didn't see anything wrong with it he also didn't know if it would help. Well it did help me because when I am consistent with this sequence (meaning EVERY time before I do crunches or what not) my lower abs are flatter after about the fifth day (of course the excess skin from pregnancy is still there but heck I guess if I didn't go to McDonald's as often that would help ha).

Anyway, it just consists of kind of manipulating you bladder into the middle of your stomach and rolling it up into the rib cage, well obviously it isn't going up into the rib cage but it teaches it to go where it should be, not down and protruding in my case.

I don't have Ab Attack so I can't say how the video compares to that but I would say the intensity is along the same lines as Yoga Abs, although safer moves than Yoga Abs.

Instructor Comments:
Teresa is very thorough IMO about explaining the exercises and why she does them the way she does.

Stephanie Bridges