Strong Legs/Reebok's VersaTraining Toning Series

Kathy Kaehler
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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this is an excelent workout, it helped me to lose more than 20 pounds and made me feel stronger. unfortunately I lost it, and I need to start working out again.



Video is set in a studio overlooking a pond. Music is light and I really didn't notice it. There is a 3 minute warm up followed by three segments. Each segment is 8 minutes long and each one repeats the moves in the earlier segment but the moves get tougher. The segments can be done alone. I do the entire tape. There is a 3 minute cool down. Total length of tape is 30 minutes. No weights or toning bands or cords needed. Just a mat for floor work. There are leg abductions, plies, squats. Most moves are standing followed by 2-3 minutes of floor work. Great toning workout for the legs. I used this video for a long time before advancing to weight training for the legs. It is an easy to follow video that has very basic moves. Not a lot of variety like Firm videos, Firm fans may be bored with this. I stuck with this video for a long time. I still don't think I've outgrown it! Great video for beginner or intermediate level. I did notice more "firm" legs by using this video.

Instructor Comments:
Kathy Kaehler is a calm instructor who gives good cues. She smiles and talks but is not chatty or perky. There are two modifiers in this video, beginner and advanced which allows you to pick who you wish to follow. Kathy's form is good.