Secrets of a Great Lower Body

Kathy Smith
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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Secrets of a Great Body Lower Body W/O-Kathy Smith

The set: Simple, the space reminds me of a big dance hall. just spacious. wood floor.

The attire: lycra tops and lycra bottoms, in solid gray or solid blacks.

Type of Workout: Lower Body Sculpting

Workout Length: approx 40 min.

Fitness Level:Beginner or Intermediate or Advanced... anyone can do this tape, it just depends on how much weight you use.

Equipment: chair or dowel for balance, dumbbells or ankleweights if you desire.

Effectiveness: Excellent results.

Music: appropriate, mellow when applicable

The Workout: Warmup - 4 min.

Squats - 16 reps, w/w - 12
Bridgework - 1 set of 16 then 8 tripples, then 1 set of 16
Rear Leg Lifts while standing (option bent knee)
16 then, 8 reps in lifted position
then on floor - 16reps then 8 tripples.
Lie on back one leg on chair, other extended straight up.
1 set 16 reps, other leg
Standing Side leg lifts - 16 then 8 tripples at the top
Lying on side - 16 reps
HFL Pliees - 2 sets of 12
Elbow on chair, back parallel to floor, lift buttox slightly
Static Dips - 12 weight over front leg, then 12 with weight over rear leg.
quarter squat
Inner thigh lifts - 16 reps
one leggeed calf raises 12 reps then 8
Shin raises - lying on back, one ankle on top of other toe... lift.
other leg, repeat

Stretch - 3 min.

Total Rating: This is a terrific and not very time-consuming workout. It takes care of every muscle and works each muscle several times... Thorough workout for the Lower Body.
I give it a 10 out of a possible 10. (loved it!)

Instructor Comments:
Kathy is relaxed, poised and calm in this video, quiet and clear instruction.
She has someone demonstrating 3 or 4 reps of the movement before she has you do it.



I'm still waiting for Cathe's Pure Strength videos so (sigh) I have to do my other weight tapes. Maybe someday I'll realize how silly I'm being & this video review will make me laugh at myself. But for now, I just want to rush when that UPS man comes.

Now for the real review. This is a good tape for beginners,intermediates, and low advanced. I think it is also good for an advanced person during one of their light weights day. A person just has to follow a different person in the video. I follow the man in the video who uses dumbbells & ankle weights. I feel I get a good workout for a light muscle sculpting day.

I wish Kathy would demonstrate the exercises either before the workout or after. However, it is convenient during the times I have to strap on ankle weights. I was debating on whether to leave them on during the whole workout. But this would be tough during the hamstring bridge exercise. This is an exercise where Kathy places a leg on top of a chair while the other is raised. Then we lift up our butt & do bridges. Cathe does the same exercise in her Wedding tape. I think Kathy has this exercise in her Timesaver weights tape too. Anyways, this exercise is really effective for those hamstrings. I also like the calf exercises in this video. We work both the upper & lower calf muscles. For the lower calf muscles, we do regular single leg calf raises but we bend our knee instead of doing them with straight legs. The straight leg version works the upper calf. I really feel my calves burning when we hit the lower calf exercises. For the glutes, my favorite exercise combo is with ankle weights bend over the back of a chair & lift up one leg. Then with the same leg, go on the floor & lift. I can feel the burn since Kathy does 3 count pulses along with regular count reps with all the exercises. Kathy and the women on this tape have really nicely toned muscles. This is motivating to me because it reminds me of how important weight lifting is.

Instructor Comments:
I think this video shows Kathy at her best. She's not too hyper (e.g. Timesaver Weights) but she's not dry either. As always Kathy gives good form pointers.

Helen Stephens


I bought this video several years ago, when it came out. I was a new excerciser, and it seemed mediocre--boring music, monotone instruction, too much time spent demonstrating moves, lack of stretches.

However, today it is my favorite lower body tape. It is very thourough, and doesn't miss a major muscle. If you use the heaviest dumbells and ankle weights you possibly can, you should have no trouble working each muscle to exhaustion. (There are only a couple of excercises for which you can't easily add weights.) If you have been primarily using a tape like MIS, which involves mostly squats and leg presses, you will probably discover (painfully, the next day) that you have been missing a few muscles (particulary the calves-ouch!). Some of the excercises, particularly the ones for the hamstrings and quads, are very unusual and effective.

The initial drawbacks of the tape for me(lack of exciting music with a beat, Kathy doesn't count all the reps) are actually advantages if you want to use such heavy weights that you need to go more slowly. The time spent demonstrating gives you time to change weights, if necessary, or to do extra reps. There is still, in my opinion, inadequate stretching, but you can add your own.

A major lower-body re-shaper!

Instructor Comments:
very professional, excellent form. low-key, not "perky"

Lyn Seidler


This video is one of a kind because Kathy starts off with one section of the lower body and sticks with that body part untill you get to complete failure using lot's of different exercises. It is a unique way of taking an exercise and building upon it with another. Kathy says the sequencing of each exercise is very important and can you can get better results by doing it this way. Kathy does what she calls, "low rep overload" which really works! She usually does 2 sets of 16 reps. The first section is glutes and she does 4 different exercises to really get your butt toned. She does squats( 16 reps), pulse squats(8 reps), Glute bridges( 2 sets of 16 reps),Glute bridges holding up for 3 counts( 8 reps. Rear Leg lifts on one side of the leg( 1 set of 16 reps and 1 set of 8 three count pulses). Then you go down to the ground for tablework. But you do the same glute so it is really effective. Then you repeat everything on the other leg.

For the hamstrings, she does hamstring bridges( 2 sets of 16 reps for each leg). Then for outer thigh, she does standing outer thigh lifts and then she goes to the floor and does more side lying outer thigh leg lifts. This burns when you use ankle weights!!

For quadriceps she does this unique HFL plie. Which is a very low squat using the chair in front of you for support. She does 2 sets of 12 reps. Then comes standing dips, and one legged squats.

For the calves, she does calf raises and front calfwork using your other foot for resistance. She does alot of reps.

Only thing wrong with this video is that she doesn't have abs.

The video has a gorgeous set. Huge mansion room with white walls and flowing curtains. Very European looking. Nice and pleasant to the eye. They are wearing neutral colors( black and grey). There are 4 background models. Three are brunette women and one is a man. The man shows the advanced version( he uses weights) and one of the female models shows the intermediate level using a chair for support.

Kathy really gives complete visual form cues as well as great verbal instruction. she is very friendly and just shines with health.

The music is very relaxing and has a new age feeling to it. No vocals. Kind of jazzy at times but no pounding upbeat headache causing music in this video. Perfect to do in the early mornings or after a hard days work.

These are my alltime favorite Kathy Smith videos.

Instructor Comments:
Perfect form, perfect cueing, perfect body, beautiful smile, great positive attitude. What more could you ask for in an instructor? I also love her hair. It's a bob cut and I like this so much better then all her other hair styles she's had on other video's. Kathy has a ectomorph body so don't expect to see huge muscles like Cory Everson but Kathy looks really toned.

Mandy Lee


I consider this video to be advanced beginner-intermediate tape...I would suggest that only beginners (or advanced beginners) buy it rather than intermediates...beginners can grow with the tape for a while but I would guess that intermediates would grow out of it too soon...

I like this has about a 5 minute warm up and cool down, with about 30 minutes of toning...there are both standing and on the floor exercises for the butt, hips, thighs, calves, etc...each exercise is introduced with a small segment of 2 women showing the next exercise with proper form...this is very helpful in the beginning and once you know the exercises it is a good time to set up (put the mat on the floor, etc...) or drink some water...

There are 4 exercisers with Kathy in this video...the 2 on our right behind her show alternatives to each shows modifications for the beginner and the other shows modifications for a more advanced exerciser...

For the video all you need is a chair, a mat, and a step (the step is ONLY needed for one exercise and a thick phone book will work just as well if you don't own one)...once you want to make the exercises more challenging hand and ankle weights are needed...

My only problem with this video is that it may become boring to some people after a while...I don't think I'll have a problem with it but some people who like choreography, etc...might get's just your basic lower body exercises...

I like this video...Kathy gives great form tips and is pleasant in this video...her exercise buddies seem to be enjoying themselves also...I really recommend this to any beginner'll be a great tape to use as you become an intermediate exerciser...


Instructor Comments:
Kathy Smith is probably likeable to almost everyone I would think...she's not too no nonense and she's not too perky...she plays a bit to the camera but not too badly...and she's great with tips about form and is a good cuer...



I felt I had to comment on this video because this one was the first fitness video (along with the Upper Body tape) which I bought. I had been working out regularly for several years at a health club doing aerobics and weight machines prior to this. But this one was the one that really toned and defined my leg muscles. Kathy Smith gives great instructions about proper form, which makes the tape great for beginners. I have several other lower body tapes, this is the only one which includes an exercise for the shin muscle. I couldn't believe it when I actually saw the change in this muscle, along with changes in my quads and buttocks! The other exercises are pretty standard squats, lunges, and leg raises. There is one squat done with a chair for the quads which still gets a good burn. There are breaks between the exercises where the move is shown and explained in detail. This may get annoying for people who are more advanced or who do the tape enough times. It does give time to rest or stretch the muscles a bit. Since this tape is an older one, the music is a little dated, but the production is very good. I got this tape serveral years ago, but I still pull it out every once in a while.

Instructor Comments:
A very good instructor for beginning exercises. She is motivating and gives very thorough instructions on proper form.

Cathy Mark