Pure Strength Vol. 1: Strong Legs and Abs

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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I worked out at the gym with free weights and machines for many years. I never thought an exercise video could give me that gym-workout feeling after I was finished. This video proves otherwise! My legs feel like a million bucks (and very tired) after this workout. And I love the fact that as I get stronger, this video will grow with me (just use heavier weights). This video is a keeper, and I love the form reminders throughout the video. I never even attempted to do deadlifts before finding Cathe, but now, with her instruction, I feel confident when doing them. I can tell they are working!

Instructor Comments:
Cathe shows excellent form throughout the video, and gives you tips and reminders on form for all of the exercises. Cathe is always professional and focused, and, at the same time, very motivating and personable. Bravo!

Laura Wehrwein


This is really one of the best lower body and ab videos I have used. I think this is a major concern area for a lot of women and this video does a good job in targeting those problem spots. I find this tape very challenging, and what's more, I feel any level exerciser can benefit from this tape. I say this because all you have to do is adjust your amount of weights and/or the amount of repetitions that Cathe uses ( or suggests using). I bought this video when it first came out and loved it then. I was able to use the same poundage that Cathe used, and as a result, got an excellent, challenging workout. But since that time, I had another baby. I began working out again after about 3 wks. Since the main area I am trying to reshape (or get back into shape!) is my lower body/abs, I've been using this tape a lot. I started with a lot less weight than I was used to doing ( and less repetitions as well), but before long, I started to get back to my old heavier poundage. And I'll tell you, this tape has done wonders for my lower body. I really see a lot of improvement in just 2 months. After having a baby, dieting alone will not reshape your body to help you fit into your old clothes. You definitely need toning exercise to do that. This tape really targets all the major leg groups to the fullest. I would highly recommend this tape to anyone who is trying to reshape their bottom half. I do this tape about 2 -3x a week. I mix it with my FIRM total body, Cathe step, and sometimes (time permitting) will add on Cory Arms or the second half of Body Max arms. This tape is one I will always use to keep my legs toned. I love that it has everything: squats, lunges, leg pull ups, dips, plie squats, and floor toning. The abs are great, too. This is a perfect tape for post pregnancy and getting back into shape. You will see great results!

Diana mason


Wow! There is only one word to describe this workout: brutal. Cathe completely fatigues the quads,hamstrings,and glutes standing and then she burns out the inner and outer thighs and glutes on the floor. All FIRM fans will remember the infamous "hover squats" during the end of Vol. 7. Cathe takes this advanced exercise and makes it even harder. By this point, even Cathe's quads are shaking.

I am an advanced exerciser. I teach a very difficult Boot Camp class,spinning,and many other advanced class. So I concider myself in pretty good shape. Today I wanted to really challenge myself so I loaded my barbell to 60ILBS and used 20ILBS dumbells. I first did the leg workout from MIS then I did this workout. After that I did the 10 minutes of floor workout from Tae Bo and then I ended with one more set of sit and stand squats. Let me tell you, I had to crawl to my computer to submit this review. I could barely stand up from my chair and right now my legs are still burning.

If you are an advanced workout, and want to push your quads to the limit this workout is for you!

p.s.- the abs workout at the end is pretty tough too!

Instructor Comments:
Cathe is amazing. There is no trainer more professional. She is so down to earth. She really knows how to make a killer workout, and motivate you to push through it.

Danielle Derry


This is the HARDEST leg workout I've ever done. The first time I watched this video i knew it would be tough when i saw cathe with shaking legs and gasping for air. I 'm usually dying when i'm doing her tapes and she going alone like it's a walk in the park. The first time i did this workout my legs were worked to their max. By the time i got to the notorious sit and stand squats i was drenced, gasping for air, and my legs were shaking even worse than cathe's. The floor section is just as hard. My legs were so fatigued i couldn't even make it through this section. The ab section is good, but not as intense as those in Body Max and MIS. Cathe even includes calf work in this video. And let me say, I felt in my calves. I would definitely give this tape an A+++. It's really intense and hits the muscles from every possible angle. If you think this workout is easy you must be using too light a weight. I really used a heavy weight because i was motivated by cathe's courage. I regretted it the next day when i could barely make it up the stairs. If you want a KILLER LEG WORKOUT PS Strong Legs & Abs is for you.

Instructor Comments:
Cathe is great. she gives lots of excellent form pointers. I like the fact that she uses a heavy weight and challenges herself too. Cathe did a super job in choosing exercises that really burn at the leg muscles. Cudos to Cathe for creating a fabulous advanced workout and being able to do it with an incrediable 45lb barrbell!

pat griffin


I really LOVE this video and I am not one who enjoys working her legs. I have never enjoyed working my lower body, even at the gym. The best thing about the video is that it works! I have seen a lot of changes in my lower body since doing this tape. I really like it that Cathe doesn't try and tell you that it is easy, or that it is 100% fun on every single rep. You can see that she is working and struggling right along with you, especially on the sit and stand squats. The whole PS series is great! I hesitated buying yet another video, but this entire series has already paid for itself in my book! If you are looking for a good lower body workout that you don't HATE to do, and that produces results, get this video! It is the only one that doesn't make me want to come up with every excuse in the book to avoid working my lower body.

Instructor Comments:
Cathe is a great motivator and a great instructor.



This is an excellent lower body workout! I like the slower pace and the longer rests in between sets. This allows you to use heavier weights more successfully. She does just the right amount of reps, too.

Although this ranks up there as one of the toughest leg workouts on video, I'm still in no hurry to put away my Standing Legs tape. I think SL is just as tough - but in a different way. For the most part, SL moves at a faster pace and the same exercises are done a little differently (i.e. Cathe does a static lunge, SL does pushing-off lunges).

As far as a harder leg workout, I like this tape better than her leg portion in MIS - mainly because it's longer! But I usually like to do MIS on days where I want to get legs, arm, and abs in all at once, and in the same time frame (around an hour). So they are both good depending upon my specific workout for the day.

As far as the ab section goes, I agree with the majority. It's ok - not bad, but not great. They are a lot harder in MIS and Body Max. At least they're included and I don't have to pop in another tape!

This tape is a must have for those who want variety with Standing Legs (and Lower Body & Sculpted Buns, Hips & Thighs, for that matter). If you already have MIS and want an even more challenging leg workout, this tape is for you, too!

Diana mason


The sweetest words Iíve heard in all exercise videos are the "two more" from Cathe.:) Her weight workout is TOUGH. I think it is designed to be a serious bodybuilding program. Since many reviewers break the entire series down in excellent details, I just want to add something. I think I am an intermediate in weight training. Iíve started weight lifting for over a year. Before I order the PS series, I can do every reps of barbell leg press in Tough Tape with 30lb barbell. The first time I try PS Strong Legs & Abs, I reduced my barbell to 25lb and I almost died. My soreness lasted for 2-3 days. And it happened again after the second use. It was good soreness, not a sign of injuries or anything. But my point is that I donít think this series is suitable for beginners who have no background in weight training. Yes, Cathe gives excellent form pointers. But her program is designed to be advanced and it requires strong muscles to do the workout. I think that only intermediate/advanced weight trainer will get the most benefit from it. I can imagine myself to be serious injured if I was a beginner. This is only my humble opinion. I always thought before that weight workout could be modified to all levels. But Cathe makes me change my mind. I think beginners should not do Arnold Press or deadlifts whatever weight they use IMHO. And the way she fatigues the muscles before doing more sets can make beginners fall from good forms.

When I previewed the tapes, I have to admit that I was disappointed a little. I expected something more fanciful than this. To do 3 sets of chest press in a row or endless reps of calf raises and biceps curls seem to be boring. But after I have done all 3 tapes, I like it. I believe, true or false, that this program is most of the things Cathe does to weight train herself as far as free weight is concerned. We have talked many times in our forum about what the instructors work out in their real life. Now this is it. What more can you ask from an instructor? I plan to do this series for a month before switching to the FIRM. It is and will be the month of incessant soreness and results. (Yes, results that I can see! And I am seeing and feeling it right now!).

Instructor Comments:
I canít say that I am a huge fan of Cathe. Thereís something in her which I canít pinpoint. I like her though, but she is not my favourite. I feel that I must adapt myself to her.



I can't say I *enjoy* doing this workout, but it's my favorite workout for my legs. Does that make sense? It certainly is tough while I'm doing it, but I feel a huge sense of accomplishment when I'm finished. It's extremely thorough...it doesn't miss a muscle in the lower body. Believe me, I think I feel each and every one of those muscles the next day! I like the sequencing of the exercises. When I'm finished with the sit-and-stands, I feel like the toughest part of the workout is behind me. It helps that I love deadlifts, so I know I get to do those when I'm finished with the sit-and-stands. Even though I'm not a big fan of floorwork, I do like the way that Cathe does the floorwork with the body bar. I use my Firm barbell w/ no weights, and for now, it seems like a very challenging weight. It always cracks me up after outer thigh work when Cathe's getting ready to stretch the leg, and she says to put your hand on the leg that you just worked, so you can make sure to stretch the right one. Excuse me?! My leg is on fire...I don't think I'm going to forget which one I need to stretch! The abdominal work is typical Cathe. Fairly short, but tough. I don't think it's quite as tough as the ab work in Body Max and MIS, but believe me, I'm not complaining. I know I'll eventually need to shake up my routine and do some different strength videos, but it's going to be hard to do, because I really love the PS series.

Instructor Comments:
Cathe is just so great. She gives great form pointers, and it's very motivating to see her working just as hard as I am.

Melissa F


"Brutal" is a good word to describe this workout! I like it better than the legs portion of MIS because she gives longer rest breaks and doesn't do as many reps. I can use heavier weights and/or get through all the exercises that way. With MIS, although I LOVE it, I always get very out-of-breath doing the squats and lunges. There are so many repetitions of each, and when you add in the heavy weight -- yikes. Strong Legs & Abs *seems* easier while you're doing it, but 12-24 hours later, you will know it wasn't so easy when your thighs start screaming!

Many of the exercises in this tape are similar to those in MIS, but there are differences, too. For example, the dreaded hover squats. Actually, I found these easier to do if I don't watch Cathe! When I see Cathe in such obvious distress, it makes it seem even harder!

There is also floor work in this tape, which is not in MIS. The floor work is okay, but nothing to write home about. I'm glad to have it, but at the same time, I didn't think it was up to her usual creativity. Also, there are so many reps, that it gets kind of boring -- especially on the hamstring work.

Still, I'm delighted with the tape, and will use it a lot. A+.

Annie S.


I have to admit, I was somewhat afraid of this tape since my legs tend to bulk pretty easily. But, being the Cathe fan I am, just had to order it anyway. I do this tape once a week and have seen great results. I enjoy the format of this tape...and the fact that she saves the killer sit and stand squats until near the end of the standing leg work. I really enjoy the standing leg portion of the workout. I use a 35 lb barbell, but really drop the weight when she gets to those sit and stands...my legs were, as Cathe says, "going a mile a minute!" I personally, skip the calf work. My calves are big (its heredity, thanks mom) and I just don't feel I need to build them up anymore. Cathe's instruction on the dead lifts was right on target. I have struggled with dead lifts (lower back pain) but she was so meticulous in her instruction that I finally FELT them. Boy, were my hamstrings sore the next day. I don't have the same passion for the floorwork as I do the standing leg work. For one thing, I haven't figured out how to position my bar across my foot so that it is comfortable. I am not a big fan of floorwork - it seems long and boring to me. I am hoping this tape will change that for me. The tape finishes with a great ab section...you will feel it. Again, I do this tape once a week...but I put my all into when I do it! Another keeper!

Instructor Comments:
What can I say? The best!

Suzanne M.


I used to dread training legs, and this video has actually made me look forward to it. I just hated the leg section in MIS because it just got me gasping while trying to maintain good form. Pure Strength is tougher, yet easier. She gives much longer rests between sets, so you aren't gasping. You can also go much heavier for this reason.

I also can't believe how scared I was to do this tape after all the talk about soreness-- it definitely made my hamstrings hurt, actually the first few times I did it, but the tape is very doable. The difference between this and MIS is the number of sets and a larger variety of exercises (includes calf work) as well as the floorwork section at the end. I really appreciated the calf work. Another strong point is the tall box presses she includes, similar to those by the FIRM.

This is split into two sections. The first, standing leg work, is just over half an hour and the floorwork is about 20 minutes. Then there's a good, but nondescript, ab section at the end. Sometimes I find myself just skipping the floorwork section because I feel the first part is so thorough that I feel like I'm done.

I use medium weights with this video since legs aren't my focal point-- a 30 lb. barbell and 8-12 lb. dumbbells. The very first time I did it, I used a 20 lb. barbell and that made me quite sore. Whatever your goal is for legs, this video is adaptable.

She includes the usuals: squats, lunges, static lunges, plie squats, calf raises, as well as hover squats, which really got my legs shaking, and tall box presses. The floorwork she does with a body bar, although I just used an ankle weight and a dumbbell on my thigh. The floorwork wasn't this video's strong point. It didn't hurt much, with the exception of the bridge work, which I hate. I wish she would have included shootouts for the hamstrings and I usually feel those more.

On Cathe's other new videos, I don't really notice the music, but on this one, the music rocks-- ZZTop's "Legs" really sticks out in my mind as well as a few others that really seemed to fit the activity.

I almost didn't buy this video because I was just sure I'd never do it and it was way too much training for me. Was I ever wrong, and am I ever glad that you get extra tapes free from Cathe if you order several. :)

Instructor Comments:
She's like a personal trainer. Very personal--she is speaking directly to you. Her form pointers are excellent, but in these new videos, she acts more like she's talking to a group who knows what they're doing. It's also nice to have a video where the instructor is actually struggling. Her legs really tremble on the hover squats. I appreciated that. I also notice her body looks different on these videos-- she's just as thin if not thinner and just as buff, but she's not as sinewy and cut-- her muscles look smoother. She mentioned she ate whatever she wanted before the filming.

Sara Whitney


I just tried this video and was very pleased.

I won't give much detail since another review explains it well. The video uses things from MIS and adds new things. My favorite part was the floor work for legs. They used a 15 lb. bodybar, but a barbell or leg weights can be used. Let's say, my legs were sore. And if you don't do floor work much, like I usually don't, you'll feel it! The abs section is nice also - not too long but tough. A great video if you like Cathe. My grade: A



I've previewed this tape once and done it once, and I couldn't wait to add my comments. It's been an hour and a half since I finished the workout, and my legs still remember that they worked hard! If you are looking for a workout that will hit every muscle of the lower body THOROUGHLY and without being overly repetitive, this is the workout for you! Cathe does it all in this one--lunges and dips (light and heavy sets), squats with a barbell, plie squats with a 15 lb. bodybar(with the body bar you step out and plie, then bring your legs together) and a barbell, leg presses with dumbbells on a 12" step (these are kind of a cross between The Firm leg presses and tall box climbs. Cathe doesn't prep on the ball of her foot; she has the knee at a 90 degree ankle and steps up). Cathe appears to be using a 45 lb. barbell and 12 or 15 lb. dumbbells (I think she uses 5's for the warm-up sets maybe 8's). I used 5's for the warm-up sets, 15 lb. dumbbells, and a 40 lb. barbell. I could probably have gone slightly heavier with the barbell (for comparison, I use a 35 lb. barbell and feel it when I do MIS). Cathe explains that when women weight train, since they are usually able to hold more weight on their backs than they can comfortably lift without a spotter, she is focusing on lifting a safe amount of weight for more reps at home (therefore, endurance as well). Cathe also mentions that if you are afraid of bulking up, you can use lighter weights (and than she says, "But I know that you are an educated crowd!").

After the standing leg work, there is floorwork. Killer, I might add. Cathe uses a 15 lb. body bar for this section. I used my unloaded barbell (15 lbs.) She does inner and outer thigh work this way. Very effective--definitely harder that the Firm! Cathe does say that you can use ankle weights or no weights during this section. You could also use a dumbbell on your leg if you wanted to. She does some bridgework for the hamstrings using the step. This was the one and only part that I wasn't crazy about--I feel like I am better able to isolate my hamstrings using tablework. Maybe I just have to work on my form. Abs are next--they are short but sweet. I liked them--they are intense, but I like the ab work in MIS and Body Max a little better. I feel that it's a little more thorough. There is a short stretch at the end, but as Cathe explains, she does a lot of stretching in between sets.

What a workout--I love it! WWWendy was right--I'm sure that a lot of people will be trading their copies of Standing Legs. I like Strong Legs & Abs a lot better! Oh, and I like the music and the cityscape set, but you hardly notice it at all when you are doing the tape. You're working so hard! So is Cathe; you sure do see her legs tremble! But she keeps her perfect form. I am SO glad that I purchased the Pure Strength series!

Instructor Comments:
Cathe does a wonderful job instructing this video, as always. She encourages you to challenge yourself, while at the same time emphasizing good form, safety, and working at your own pace. She is very nonintimidating, and makes you feel like you are right there in class with her. Wonderful! She looks fabulous, too--her work with heavy weights is sure paying off!

Kristin Aziz


I am one of those who's been secretly dreading the 65-minute leg workout in PS Legs and Abs. The time flew by! I loved this workout. I am not exaggerating when I say I'm looking forward to doing it again. Cathe is so thorough, explains so well and includes lots and lots of interesting variations.

The warm-up is very active, it's really part of the leg workout. Then on to lunges and squats. Cathe does a warm-up set of lunges with a light weight. I don't know what weight she used, but I went VERY light, I'm talking 5 pound dumbells. At this point, I didn't know how well I'd last through the whole thing, and I didn't want to exhaust my legs too fast. After that set, she heavies up and from there on she's got what appear to be 12 pound dumbells and a 45 pound barbell. I stuck with the same weight on my bar that I use in MIS (36 pounds). I intend to go heavier next time. The pace is slower than MIS and the pauses seem longer, and I feel confident that I can handle more weight on this than I do on MIS.

I really feared that there would be endless sets of lunges and squats, but there aren't. She mixes it up with leg presses, side-to-side plie squats, and it just flies by. The much-feared sit and stand squats are awesome! I couldn't believe how hard Cathe's legs were shaking at the end of these. I definitely wasn't working as hard as Cathe, but she gave me motivation to push myself harder next time. (I experimented on a comfortable height for this, for me, I put my Rubbermaid stool on top of an 6" step.)

I didn't use any weight on the calf work -- I'm one of those who doesn't want to bulk here. Interesting that Cathe doesn't do many of these herself, instead she walks over to Lisa to explain one variation, later she goes over to Pat to explain another variation. She checks with Cedie a couple of times, "what count are we on?" Then she explains that Cedie doesn't want to do even ONE extra. Guess I'm not the only one avoiding heavy calf work.

I'm with WWWendy here, I thought the floor work was TOUGH. The only floor work I do with regularity is from Lie Down and Workout, and this was much tougher. (I do LDWO with a 10-pound dumbell, no problem, so that should tell you something!)

My favorite part -- the hamstring exercises. When I got to the sets with one leg on my stool and the other in the air, my hamstrings were on fire. I derive some sick pleasure from this, though, since I am a runner and I really want to keep my hams strong to prevent injury and improve my running times and endurance.

The ab section was okay. I liked the imagery she used on the oblique work and it seemed to me that she did more lower ab work than usual, but I could be wrong. My favorite ab work is in Body Max.

Instructor Comments:
Likable, knowledgeable and friendly. Cathe is so convincing when she offers pointers, explains moves, or counts down reps that I always find myself talking back to her. She's cute as a button, with a short tomboy-ish haircut, athletic build and loads of energy in a 5 foot 2 package.

Daphne M


This video is more than I even expected. Cathe includes moves that had me begging for mercy. I was both humbled and elated! Even her floor work challenged me, and generally floor work is my "rest time." For instance, although Cathe demonstrates some moves with the body bar, I substituted a 5 lb. ankle weight and a 12 pound dumbell with no problem at all, except that my muscles were pushed to failure for the first time in a long time. And just wait until you do the sit, squat, and stand routine. And the calf work!

Time just flies and Cathe gives thorough form pointers and much needed rests between sets. She emphasizes that this is not an aerobic tape and stresses the importance of resting between sets to preserve form.

Her set is great too. All in all, this tape is bound to become one of my all-time favorite strength tapes.

Grade: A+

Amy Steppe


Here is my preview of Cathe's newest--Pure Strength: Strong Legs and Abs. It was written on the basis of viewing the tape once--I have not actually done it yet.

First, I must revoke Standing Legs' "toughest leg video ever" title and Fed Ex it on over to Cathe. I can't imagine how Strong Legs and Abs could possibly be any tougher or what exercise or muscle group it might have missed. Ladies and gentleman, we have a new champion! I wouldn't be surprised to see many copies of Standing Legs on the exchange in the new year. Even FIRM fans will rejoice, as Cathe includes tall box step ups (identical to the FIRM's leg presses) and a particularly brutal set of "sit and stand" squats which resemble the FIRM's "hover squats." Cathe even includes calf work, which is lacking in most leg videos.

OK, on to the nitty gritty. Overall the workout clocks in at about 65 minutes, and it breaks down to approximately a 7 min. hi/lo warm up, 30 minutes of standing leg work, 18 minutes of floor leg work, 7 minutes of abdominal work, and a 3 min. stretch. As those who have seen the pictures on Cathe's Web site have noticed, the set is all new, with a collage of cityscapes. The set and participants all look terrific. The production quality is super, better than usual, Cathe is as cute as she can be, and the soundtrack is full of instrumental versions of classic rock standards--everything from the Rolling Stones to such tunes as "Addicted to Love" and "Rock the Casbah." Are you salivating yet? Just wait.

Here's a breakdown of the exercises, in order. Most sets include 12-16 reps of each exercise, Cathe does 2 sets of most exercises on each side (where applicable), though forgive me if I don't always get the number of sets right.

Standing Leg Work:

  • Lunges/Back Lunges - "warm up set": floor lunges with light weights (I think Cathe uses 5 or 8 lb dumbells), then a set of back lunges (aka dips) with light weights.
  • Lunges/Back Lunges - "heavy" set: Cathe appears to be using 12-15 lb. dumbells for these. You get a short, active rest between the lunges and the back lunges, and a rest and stretch after.
  • Static Lunges: with the barbell, 16 reps each side. Cathe has 2 plates on her "heavy" barbell, which looks like about 45 lbs total. She says not to be afraid to go heavy, but that you may have to experiment to find the right weight for this exercise. You get a short, active rest of side steps before doing a second set of 16 to each side.
  • Plie Squats: Alternating stepping into the plie squat to the left, then the right. The first set Cathe uses a 15 lb body bar, but you could use your barbell w/o plates.
  • Plie Squats w/ heavy barbell: This set is similar to the set in MIS. It's followed up with a short rest and inner thigh stretch.
  • Step Ups w/ 12" stool: These are identical to FIRM leg presses, with one set of 12 on each side starting from the floor, then a set on each side starting from the top of the stool. Heavy weights are used--I believe Cathe has either 12's or 15's. Cathe and participants use a special Step Co. bench top perfectly sized to fit the 4 stacked risers underneath. FIRM tall boxes, Rubbermaid stools and such would also work.
  • Squats w/ heavy barbell: self explanatory
  • Sit and Stand Squats: These are similar to the FIRM's "hover" squats. You stand in front of your stool, barbell on your shoulders. You sit down on one, then lift up just slightly on count 2, then hold until you stand up on count 8. OW!!! You would not believe how badly Cathe's legs are trembling by the end of these, and she is out of breath while talking through the rest period which follows. Cathe makes the point here that she has to do include endurance work for the legs to really fatigue the muscles, because it's difficult for women to work to failure w/o a spotter--women can generally handle heavier weight on their shoulders for leg work than they can manage to lift over their heads.
  • Quarter Deadlifts: Two sets, plus a short rest and ham stretch.
  • Calf Raises: 3 sets. You rest your toes on a 2x4 (or you can use the end of your step) while grasping the body bar (or a dowel) in front for balance during the calf raises. The sets are long, and many variations are shown. For example, you can do calf raises one leg at a time, with the other leg back on your stool, one hand grasping a dumbell, the other holding the body bar for balance. Another variation demonstrated by Pat is to sit on your stool with the barbell lying on the quads just above the knee and raise the heels.
Floor Work:
  • Inner Thigh Raises: 15 lb. body bar rests between the legs on the working leg. These 2 sets (on each side) are done slowly, and several position options are shown. There are very short rests in between sets. You can also use ankle weights or an empty barbell in place of a body bar for the floor exercises.
  • Outer Thigh Raises: Lying on side, legs bent forward, you lift with the Body Bar on the top foot. Two sets on each side, followed by a stretch.
  • Hamstring Work: FIRM fans would call this bridge work. You lie down with your feet on the step and the body bar across your hips and push up through your heels. Then you do another set without the body bar, with one leg pointing up in the air, isolating one leg at a time.
The ab work in this video includes many crunch variations, oblique work, reverse crunches and all that good stuff. The tempo is slower, more similar to Body Max than the lightning fast crunches in MIS.

All that hard work is followed up by a relatively short 3 minute stretch, but that is less critical since there are also stretches throughout the strength workout.



Outstanding leg workout by Cathe. I split this routine by doing standing work one day and floorwork and abs the next. After a very short 5-minute warm-up, Cathe's standing work begins with a (1)warm-up set of lunges with light weights (one leg at a time, 8 per leg) and back lunges (one leg at a time, 8 per leg); (2) slower three-count static lunges (one leg at a time, 8 per leg) and 3 count static back lunges (one leg at a time, 8 per leg); (3) static lunges with barbell (2 sets of 16 counts per leg); (4) Plie side-to-side squats with 15 lb. bodybar (32 reps), following by wide-leg squats with barbell (16 and 8 three-count pulses then 8 more squats); (5) step ups (same as Firm leg presses) using 12" box with heavy dumbells (12 per leg, 2 sets); (6) squats with legs shoulder width apart using heavy barbell (16 regular, 4 hovers squats, 8 regular); (7) Sit and stand hover holds and standing up with barbell (8 reps); (8)quarter deadlifts (2 sets of 12); (9) calve raises on a board in different positions with peak contractions (showed different options); shows a move sitting on the bench with the barbell across your lap and lifting calves. Next came the floorwork (my favorite) - Cathe uses the bodybar during the routine (I used my Firm 12 lb. barbell unloaded) - I really felt the inner thighs using this method and was surprised no one thought of it before Cathe. (1) inner thighs - 32/16/8 counts per leg (I really felt it). (2) outer thighs - 32/16 count per leg. (3) buttock tucks with legs on the step - first lifting with both legs on the step, then with one leg in the air - she did 64 counts per leg. (4) short (under 7 minutes) typical Cathe effective abwork. A short 3-minute stretch ended the marathon. Since I am a lightweight, I used only 8 lb. dumbells and 20 lb. barbell for the standing work and it felt good to me (though I had no soreness the following day). My favorite is the floorwork. I will split the routines and use them with other tapes. A "must have" leg workout for anyone serious about changing the shape of their lower body.

maryann parker