Power Half Hour: Bun Shaper

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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This workout is part of the Power Half Hour series, which consists of thighs, arms, buns, abs and stretch. I have the dvd version which includes all of these routines plus an outttakes bonus.

The workout features the typical beachbody countdown clocks for the section and the workout as a whole, and bar graph to indicate elapsed chapters. Tony is very personable and entertaining and works out on a bare, drab blue and grey set with a male and female background exerciser.

The workout begins with three short warm-up moves (knee-ups, wide squats and half-lunges) before going onto the workout. Tony alternates between standing and floor work. The first section is standing and features 3 squat variations done in two rounds. Then there is a short floor kickback section, standing back kicks with variations, floor leg lifts with variations, standing lunge sequence with plie squat breaks, floor fire hydrant with variations, standing static lunge and knee back kick, standing and floor bridge lift. There is a very short stretch at the end.

This workout had some really interesting moves in it. I loved the standing lift where you hinge at the waist, and the fire hydrant section. And it is so great that Tony alternates standing and floor work: I find it hard to balance sometimes for floor work, so I appreciated having it in short sections. Overall, I was very pleased with this workout and think it will be a well-used addition to my lower body collection.