Perfectly Fit Buns

Kathy Kaehler, Claudia Schiffer
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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The video is filmed in the Caribbean as well as Europe. It's done in an MTV style similiar to Cindy Crawfords Next Challenge and with similiar music. It has a really relaxed feel to it.

The first part is a long warmup which includes squat variations etc. The workout consists of:


Plie Squats

Mat Work (table work)

Pelvic Tilts

The workout flies by. I no longer do the squats,lunges or plie squats because I don't find them that effective for me. I just do the mat work and the pelvic tilts. Is the mat work/tablework that effective? I don't know but they do quite a few reps interspersed with pulsing. My favorite part is the pelvic tilts. The reps are done with ten interspersed with 10 pulsing and then we change leg and feet postions. I read another review that said there are a total of 180 reps but I haven't counted. I have only done this workout for about 2 weeks and thanks to the pelvic tilts my once 2 part backside is coming together as one. What I mean is the bottom half sags more than the top. Well now it's starting to take on a more rounded shape. Claudia also rests weights on the thighs but I have not tried this yet. I give this video an A because I'm seeing results and fast.

Instructor Comments:
Claudia is easygoing, relaxed and has reasonably good form. Kathy also demonstrates some of the exercises and offers form pointers.