Non-stop - Day 2

Joyce Vedral
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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I previewed this one, and I hope to do it today.

3 giant sets. Modified pyramid (12 reps, 10 reps, 8 reps). NO rest breaks. The non weighted exercises have 15 reps in all 3 sets.

Her form for squats is strange, and I couldn't see any difference between the first 4 squats, other than where the dumbbells were held)

Straddle squat (dumbbell between legs).

Regular squat (dumbbell in each hand)

Frog squat(cross arms, hold dumbbell on each shoulder)

hack squat(hands behind rear, holding dumbbells)

bent knee deadlift

sissy squat

leg curl

knee in/out (ab). Non weighted
crunch (non weighted)
reverse crunch with legs up(non weighted)
reverse crunch with legs in air, but bent at 90 degrees. non weighted)

bridge work (butt raise, non weighted, but I use my pilates circle, or a medicine ball between my legs, and give it an adductor squeeze)

lying side leg raise

hands and knees, straight leg raise

hands and knees, knee in,leg kick back (flexed foot)

hands and knees, knee in, leg kick up (flexed foot)

bent over row, palms up
double row, hinged forward
bent over row, palms down
seated back laterals
upright rows

Overall, looks like an excellent workout for legs and bag and abs. I plan on doing this at the gym, and I will likely substitute in the lat pulldown, the leg curl and the leg extension for some of her exercises just for variety and isolation.

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