Ho' ala Ke Kino

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Athletic Stretch

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I bought this DVD because I’m on a Beach Body kick (YBB) but didn’t want to purchase another full workout system, and this looked like a nice add-on yoga workout. I discovered i's not a full yoga workout but a 15 minute hybrid of stretching and calisthenics including punches, kicks cross the body and a squat/ski move, finished off with 10 minutes of speedy vinyasa yoga. It left me stretched, my buns tingling and heart rate surprisingly elevated, but I was a little disappointed with not holding the final pose in a vinyasa for more than one “beat,” as Tony calls it. I have difficulty getting that foot forward into lunge from Down Dog, so doing every move that quick was out of the question and I skipped the Chats and Up Dogs so as to concentrate on maintaining a flow and completing each series.

In retrospect, what was I expecting when I purchased a yoga workout from a boot-camp style personal trainer who incorporates some yogic moves to pump up a fat burning workout? However, I took what I could get from this routine and plan to keep it as an add-on or warmup, though it won’t be a star in the library. The setting, a beach in Kauai, is beautiful enough on its own to make me want to do it again. Con – this video is cued to the instructor’s left and right, not yours, which is annoying even though Tony’s overall cuing is very good.

Instructor Comments:
This was my first Tony Horton workout. I found him to be a caring and motivating instructor. I got that “personal trainer” vibe right through the TV screen. However, something just doesn’t click between us, even though I liked his style and warmth.