Look Great Naked - Thighs

Brad Schoenfeld
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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I was leery about purchasing these 3 DVD's. Just the title of the DVD is one that I want to hide from my kids and husband. But I was pleasantly surprised with the colorful cover of the DVD and of the workout after I had finished.

The workout starts off with Brad talking about the workout. The set is like a condo type setting. Very bright with a fireplace and stairs. Wood floor. I liked the setting. Then the workout starts off with a shock. I am glad I previewed this with my older boys out of the room. The front girl definately has boob implants and they all have belly button rings. When I could get past the shock of that, I realized these women were very toned and quite attractive. I'm sure they look great naked;)

The workout starts off with jogging or jumproping in place. The camera has a feast on all the workout models like closing in on belly button rings, breasts and so forth. I just fast forward this.

The workout itself is very very tough and I liked it alot! He does 3 exercises for thighs which is called a giant set. He does 15 reps for each exercise. With 30 second stretch rests in between. You repeat each giant set 3 times. Brad's models use ankleweights, body bars and dumbbells. There is both standing and floor toning. The reps are slow and controlled. The form is excellent. I could use my 20 lb dumbbells and I didn't feel like I was hurried at all. You do the reps not to the music. The music is more rock with guitars and a beat to it. I liked having the stretching in between sets so I could get a drink too.

This is a excellent workout for those who don't mind a gym styled giant set weight training workout.
I bought this DVD through Amazon.com and the price was excellent. The quality of the DVD is great too.

Instructor Comments:
No-nonsense kind of teaching. Does the first few reps and then walks around like he's the master the the workout models with breast implants and pierced belly buttons are his slaves. He uses xcellent form. He looks like a young Kirk Douglas and is wearing all black for all 3 of his Look Great naked DVD's. He also makes comments about form and also how this exercise will make you look great naked.

Mandy Lee


The video is broken down into three 13 min. workouts. With one 5 min. warm up. I have the DVD so here is the chapter breakdown:
(PS: There is only one title)

2 = Introduction
3 = Warmup
4 = Demonstrations of exercises in workout 1
5 = Workout 1
6 = Demonstrations of exercises in workout 2
7 = Workout 2
8 = Demonstrations of exercises in workout 3
9 = Workout 3

Each workout includes 3 giant sets of 3 exercises with a 30 min stretch in between. During the sets, each exercise is done for 15 reps. Here is a list of the exercises in each workout:

1 = Squats, Seated Leg Lifts, and Side Lunges (i didn't get the side lunges. he said they were for the inner thigh but i wasn't feeling it there.)

2 = Sationary Lunges, Sissy Squats (didn't try these yet but they look unsafe for beginners. You are on your toes and you lean back and squat down.), and Lying Inside Raises (leg out to side the sweep leg to midline of body)

3 = Plie Squats, Front Kicks, and Side-Lying Adductor Raises

The stretch he does is a lying hurdler's stretch, you know the one where you bend your leg so your heal is near your but. I (and AFFA) don't think this stretch is safe for your knees or your back so i subsituted my own stretches.

During the workouts one girl counts and Brad walks around and keeps talking about being naked. I quickly phased him out and just listened to the girl counting. Also for those of you that like to go with the beat of the music, this one is going to drive you nuts.

Overall, if you can ignore Brad and the music and just do the work, this is a good thigh tape. Otherwise, you would be better off just doing similar exercises on your own.

Instructor Comments:
Brad is a certified personal trainer by ACE and AFAA (then why does he include a very controversial stretch as the only stretch on the tape?)

Imani H


I recently received this 3 video set and since there's not much info or mention of these videos here, I thought I would write a review (and this is also my first review here for VF) in case anyone might be interested.

These videos are based off of the book "Look Great Naked" by Brad Schoenfeld. They focus on women's lower body which are the abs, butt, and thighs and per Brad, these are women's most troublesome areas. Each tape covers one body part and are based on Brad's "High Energy" concept which means it will burn bodyfat as well as tone & strengthen. Each tape consist of 3 giant sets total (1 giant set equals performing 3 different exercises one right after another with no rest in between). For instance, on the abs tape, the 1st giant set consists of one exercise for upper abs, one for lower abs and one for the obliques. The theme is the same for all 3 tapes. The exercises focuses on "toning" to give you "a sleek, firm appearance instead of bulk", which is what most women want for their lower bodies.

Here are the exercises for this tape:

Workout 1
1. Standing squats
2. Seated leg lifts
3. Side lunges
Workout 2
1. Static lunges
2. Sissy squats
3. Seated inside raise
Workout 3
1. Plie squats
2. Front kicks
3. Lying adductors

All exercises are performed in 3 sets with 15 reps each. Although some of the exercises are standard, they are performed in a somewhat different way which makes them very interesting. Time really threw by and I was not bored at all. Each tape is 55 minutes long, but you can easily break down each tape by performing just one workout per body part making the workout a total of 45 minutes. For those who are bothered by "sexy appearance" comments, Brad does mention on several occasions that "if you want to look sexy naked, you gotta work for it" and "if you want to wear that sexy midriff top, you gotta have great looking obliques" type of comments which might put some people off. Also the women performing the exercises are kinda robotic like and they do not smile at all, they just kinda look like they were programed to perform the exercises with no emotions. These were the only negatives I can find. I think you can easily overlook these couple of things and get a really nice workout.

All in all, I really like these tapes and look forward to doing them and I think I will definitely see results with consistant use. I am also planning on getting the book to complement the tapes. As mentioned above, time just flies by when doing these exercises and you can increase the intensity by adding heavier weights. These tapes are geared for all fitness levels.

Linda P.