Body Blast: Legs & Glutes

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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For those who like the minutae:
about 50 minutes in all.
Equipment: dumbbells, high step, ankle weights, step/weight bench.
The various sections given here are those that are available in the Workout Blender.

(3:42) Warmup
(41:11) Workout, includes about 2min stretching throughout
_____(2:48) Leg Presses
__________(1:20) Leg Press (1st Set)
__________(1:17) Leg Press (2nd Set)_____(0:11) stretch & setup for next section
_____(6:39) Hover Squats thru Drop Squats
__________(1:26) Hover Squats_______________(0:22)
__________(0:42) Rear Lunges (Right Side)____(0:05)
__________(0:31) Plie Squats (1st Set)
__________(0:35) Rear Lunges (Left Side)_____(0:06)
__________(0:36) Plie Squats (2nd Set)_______(0:18)
__________(1:12) Drop Squats_______________(0:13)
_____(1:21) Explosive Plie Squats____________(0:11)
_____(1:02) Calf Raises______________________(0:22)
_____(6:25) One Legged Deadlifts thru Sculpting Drills
__________(2:27) One Legged Deadlifts_______(0:21)
__________(1:18) Plie Squats (3rd Set)________(0:16)
__________(1:42) Sculpting Drills_____________(0:21)
_____(2:21) Explosive Lunges
__________(1:35) Explosive Lunges__________(0:07)
__________(0:39) Stretch
_____(3:32) Outer Thigh Leg Extensions thru Calf Raises
__________(1:10) Outer Thigh Leg Press (1st Set)_(0:06)
__________(0:57) Outer Thigh Leg Press (2nd Set)_(0:07)
__________(1:00) Calf Raises 2
__________(0:12) Stretch
_____(6:02) Standing Leg Extensions thru Outer Thigh Lifts
__________(3:04) Standing Leg Extensions______(0:08)
__________(2:12) Standing Outer Thigh Lifts
__________(0:38) Stretch
_____(11:01) Floorwork
__________(2:34) Glute and Hamstring Tucks___(0:10)
__________(2:02) Glute and Hamstring Raises
__________(2:04) Outer Thigh Sweeps__________(0:35)
__________(3:26) Inner Thigh__________________(0:10)
(5:18) Stretch



This is a nice, fast paced and different lower body workout. It comes on a DVD with Kick Punch and Crunch, which is a FABULOUS workout that is worth the DVD cost all on its on. So I like to think of Legs & Glutes as a nice bonus.

Every time I do this workout it really keeps my heartrate up. I find it a very challenging workout in that sense. You do not get very many breaks from the various moves, although she does vary from weighted work to non-weighted work, so I guess you get some active recovery - although not much to catch your breath!

All in all, if you need something less traditional in your lower body regimine, this is a great DVD for you. Lots of interesting moves. And again, KPC is such a great workout all on its own, that this is kind of a no-brainer

Instructor Comments:



Others have broken this workout down (and there’s detailed information plus a preview clip on Cathe’s site). I just want to share my opinion that this is one of the best leg workouts out there. It goes by fast, there’s a lot of variety in the exercises, and it’s tough without having a dread factor like Leaner Legs does for me. There are interesting new exercises (for Cathe) like lunges with your heel raised on a small dumbbell, outer thigh leg presses, and standing leg work with ankle weights. I like that you need very little equipment, just a few sets of dumbbells, ankle weights, and a high step – no fighting to get a heavy barbell over your head!

The pace of the exercises and the number of reps falls between Cathe’s Pure Strength Legs workout and Leaner Legs. I think this workout could easily be used and enjoyed by those who prefer heavier weights as well as those who prefer lighter weights for legs to avoid bulking. I’ve used it in rotation with pilates or Lotte Berk-type exercises as well as a rotation with some of Cathe’s other lower body weight work, and it combines well with both types of rotation. I think this workout will also work well with P90X Legs & Back – both feature interesting moves, a lot of variety, and not much heavy weight work; if you like the P90X leg work, you may want to give this one a try, too.

Instructor Comments:
As with all the Body Blast workouts, Cathe seems really relaxed and happy in Legs & Glutes. She and her crew are in top form and seem to be having a great time during a really intense workout.



Okay I completed the workout tonite and I must say not only was it enjoyable (good music, fast paced, not long sets and variety of moves), it was also a good workout!

Music: techno (all vocal) some recognizable songs like "wishing on a star", "one sweet day", "fantasy" etc

Warmup, approx 4 mins. Consisted of step touches, squats, lunges.

Workout approx 41 mins. Equipment: high step, weights (Cathe used 15 lbs, 12 lbs, and 2 lb ankle weights), mat, and a dowel or bar for balance support.

Exercises were done at a fast controlled pace. Cathe always pointed out form tips. She quickly stretched in between most of the exercises. There was some cardio effect with these exercises because of the pace and the up-down movements on the step, squats, and the explosive plyo lunges and plie squats.

Breakdown - I didn't count all of the reps because I was cursing at Cathe, lol. She mostly did 2 sets of 16 reps, some of them were 3 sets.

Hover Squats
Rear Lunges (front foot elevated under a 3 lb dumbell)
Plie Squats
Rear lunges other leg
Plie squats
Drop squats off step
Explosive plie squats (no weight), pulse down for 4 and jump up and land with feet in squat position.
-Plie squats w/ a curtsy lunge feet facing sideways (nice variation, felt this one good)
- Calf raises off the step using an unweighted bar for balance
- One legged stiff deadlifts
- Plie Squats
- Genie arm slow-motion step ups (working leg has toe on floor when landing)
- Explosive lunges - front lunge, back lunge, then jump scissor legs 5 times, and repeat w/ other leg. (this is when I started cursing at Cathe)
- Step ups w/ outer thigh lift (she puts on ankle weights and keep them on til the cooldown)
- Standing Quad extensions using bar for balance.
- Outer thigh lifts

Then the floorwork:
- One legged glute bridges w/ heel on step and opposite leg in air pulsing up (this one sure burned!)
- On knees, hydrant glute lifts w/ leg extended and last few reps with knee bended
- Inner thigh lifts w/ pointed and flexed toes
And finally the well-deserved cool-down which included lower body stretches.

Overall this is a solid complete leg workout, even the lower back is worked. She always reminds you of good form and counts the final few reps of a set. I would recommend this for advanced beginners, intermediates, and advanced exercisers. I think other Cathe workouts she uses heavier weights and more sets, but I'm not sure. This is my first Cathe video, and I like it, I hope it will whip my pear body into shape fast.

Instructor Comments:
I like her. She seems friendly and comfortable but not chatty or annoying. She knows her stuff!