Leg Enhancement

Francesca Fisher
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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I liked Fran's Weights III tape, but I just did Leg Enhancement today and I had to add my 2 cents to everyone else's reviews -- this tape is just not the same production quality as Weights III.

I know that's hard to judge because they both feature a simple set and soft piano-jazz music, but in my opinion the stretches are poorly spaced out (12 min of stretching BEFORE the lunges?) the cueing is just less professional and it's not the same following Fransesca by herself -- in Wts III she has 4 exercisers with her.

I don't like the way she does 15min of squats for one day, recommends waiting 48 hours then doing lunges the next time (15 min). On Squats day she does calf raises, and on lunge day she does hamstring work (very light weights).

Maybe it's the weight-trainer in me, I just can't see doing part of the lower body when I'm already divided into a three-day split on my training these days (Chest/Back, Bi/Tri/Shoulders, Legs/Buttocks) and I've had to split even further to add in a new abs tape.

And Fransesca insists that it's not a good idea to do the routines one after another.

Sigh. Another thing, Fransesca's form just isn't as good and she loses her balance on some of the lunges. She squats VERY low, down past her knees.

I'm probably just jealous but my 37-year old knees aren't going to last long at that rate.

I think Weights III is worth the money. I'd hold off on Leg Enhancement, though. Cathe's Pure Strength Legs is more thorough, heavier weights, more reps, better production quality, and of course has that great rock-n-roll music. I'd even go so far as to say that Cory Everson's Basic Sculpting series Legs & Buttocks is a better tape.

Dawn P


Leg Enhancement is a two-part leg workout. The first workout is "The Squat Workout" and the second workout is "The Lunge Workout."

First I'll start with "The Squat Workout": Warmup consists of stretching with a dynaband (or towel) to get the body ready for the workout. There is light piano music in the background.

Body of the workout: (Heavy weights can be used here)

Squats (2 sets of 12)
Wide-Stance Squats (2 sets of 12) I did plies here.
Hack Squats with heels raised on 2x4 (2 sets)
Front Squats with heels raised on 2x4 (2 sets)
Good Mornings (1 set no weights)
Calf Raises (3 sets of 12)
Good Mornings (1 set no weights)
Cooldown Stretch (same stretches as warmup but here they feel soooo good!)Workout Length: 30 min.

NOTES: I used my Firm Barbell (30 pounds) for the majority of the workout and my legs were on fire. I particularly enjoyed the hack squats and front squats with the 2x4 under my heels. I've done these for years but by adjusting my feet and placing the weight in different areas of my body like Fran suggested, I really felt the exercise.

"The Lunge Workout" (Workout #2)

Warmup/stretch uses dynaband or towel

Body of the workout: Heavy Weights can be used here!

Front Lunges (2 sets each leg)
Reverse lunges (2 sets each leg)
Deadlift Stretch (very good info on form)
Deadlifts with weights (10 reps)v **Good Mornings can be subbed here.**
Side Lunges (hands on floor shifting body weight side to side putting weight onto thigh)(2 sets)
Deadlifts with weights (10 reps)
Long Lunges with chair assist with no weights. Here you try to get your back leg as straight as possible. You alternate leg and lunge as deep as possible. This felt really good after all the heavy weight work!
Deadlifts with weights (10 reps)
Calf Raises (3 sets of 10)
Cooldown/Stretch (same stretches as warmup, but deeper)Workout Length 30 min.

NOTES: I used my Firm Barbell (30 pounds) on most of this workout. I liked the fact that I was able to do one set of lunges on the floor and then the second set I did onto my step. I also did the reverse lunges in a similar fashion: one set on the floor and then one off my step. Felt great.

"Leg Enhancement(LE) can be used as two separate workouts OR you can fast forward through the second warmup and complete the video as 1 workout. Either way, your legs will get a variety of moves!! LE is my favorite new leg workout because there's so much variety and an advance exerciser can do diffent things with this workout (e.g. using a step or Firm tall box, etc.)

Instructor Comments:
Very encouraging and knowledgable about the exercises and how they should feel to you. Throughout both workouts Fran gives suggestions on modification if something "doesn't feel right." Friendly and warm, Fran comes across as a caring instructor who challenges you to push yourself. I'm glad I found her videos.

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