Just Butt

Joyce Vedral
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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This is a great one from Joyce with a slower lifting speed (Marthe counts). You have time to change weights between exercises.

Length: 21 min.

You do 3 rounds of various mostly butt oriented exercises. A round concists of 12 exercises. If youíre time crunched, stop after the first or second round.

1)lying lower side circle 1st leg
2) Lying butt lift
3)lying lower side circle 2nd leg
4)lying floor scissors
5)front to back 1st leg(looks like a pilates move. I also saw this move in Firm Better body and buns floorwork. Where you swing your leg front to back)
6)Lying bicycle
7)front to back 2nd leg
8)alternate and together butt lift
9)Back leg kick up and to the side 1st leg
10 back leg kick up and to the side 2nd leg
11)kneeling back leg extension 1st leg
12)kneeling back leg extension 2nd leg

rest 15 seconds and repeat this 2 more times.

Iíll sub exercise 6 with inner thigh work (supine, opening and closing legs).

Rotation tip:
One could alternate full versions and time crunched versions of the Just Joyce titles, thus maintaining a two-day split and shorter workout time, but still reaping the benefits of doing the full pyramid this way:

Day 1: Just Arms (full) + Just Bra-Roll (time crunch)
Day 2: Just Thighs (full) + Just Butt (time chrunch)

the next two days are REVERSE:

Day 3: Just Arms (time crunch) + Just Bra-Roll (full)
Day 4: Just Thighs (time crunch) + Just Butt (full)

Day 5: See Day 1
Day 6: See Day 2

The next week you would start out working the lower body instead of upper body, keeping upper and lower body in balance.

So you alternate full and time crunch versions of the titles, thus maintaining a two-day split and shorter workout time, but still reaping the benefits of doing the full pyramid.

Instructor Comments:



Since another review broke this down, I'll just add a few comments. I think this is a great floorwork butt video. The only exception is an exercise called lying bicycle which is just kicking your legs in the air & does nothing. I substite a dual leg exercise here, like the frog leg lifts. At least I feel those somewhat.

There was another gripe, but only slight and it doesn't bother me, but her daughter Marthe looks like she gets kicked in the face during more than a few exercises! I believe Joyce's foot made contact with her nose at least once and you see Marthe flinch a few times, too. I just feel sorry for poor Marthe how they set up the mats!

I felt this workout believe I'll see some improvement doing regularly.

Instructor Comments:
Great job in this one!