Hit the Spot Buns

Denise Austin
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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Music: irrelevant
Length: Three 10 minute segments
Energy Level: moderate
Choreography: irrelevant
Production: ok.

Denise Austin is too perky for me, but she's a good instructor. However, as with Tamilee Webb's Quick Toning Buns of Steel, the first and third routines on this tape challenged my thighs a lot more than my rear. I still, after months, can't get through them completely. The middle set of exercises are on the floor and those I can feel in my buns.

Diane Danielle


Hit the Spot Buns will most definitely make you look good from behind. If you are really concerned about your buttocks, this video will get the job done. I like how she breaks up each section into ten minutes, that way you have no excuses for not exercising. I agree with Denise that you will see results in three weeks as long as you continue to keep yourself motivated. If you are not impressed with the first two sections of this tape, she will change your mind after you finish the last one. If you want tight buns stick with this pick and after a little while, Denise will make you a believer and you will see the results for yourself and others will begin to notice too!!

Karen Watson


The tape is really good for beginners but since I have been doing her for years and am at an upper intermediate level, I did not get as much out of this tape as I would have liked to. However, when I combine it with another lower body tape, I get a lot out of it. Denise continues to motivate her watchers with very motivational things like "you can do it", etc, etc. I recommend this tape highly especially for people just starting out. Thanks!

Instructor Comments:
I REALLY, REALLY like Denise so it kind of bugs me when people make all of these nasty comments about her and her perkiness. Let me start off by saying that Denise Austin is the main reason why i got into excercise. I used to watch her ESPN show while eatting a candy bar and when she said "get off your feet and join me" that's exactly what I did.

Jarla Johnson