For Women Only/Lower Body

Tamilee Webb
Year Released: 1996

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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This video has the traditional leg lifts which looks weird when a man is doing them with ripped jeans shorts. Is this supposed to turn women on? Then he does some hamstring curls lying on your stomach. Then he does calf raises and leg lifts out to the side. Then he does lunges and squats. All pretty basic. Not too hard. I guess they picked this guy for his accent. Tamilee keeps saying at the beginning and end on what gorgeous legs he has. In my opinion they just looked like legs to me.

Tamilee does a good job showing good form and giving safety points during the warmup. She only does the warm up and 2 inhales at the cool down.

Staffan is a nervous John Lennon look alike from Sweden. Don't ask me why they chose him for this tape. He is so nervous during the warmup that he hardly says anything. It's Tamilee that is doing all the talking. He is really rude to Tamilee at the beginning of the workout. Tamilee is waiting there after the workout and he looks at her and says," Tamilee, this is a workout for me and the women at home, not you" She looks deeply hurt , rejected and insulted. I thought this was pretty tacky. He also is wearing a hat on backwards and ripped jeans shorts. His hair is long to his shoulders. Not the kind of guy mom would want you to date. HaHa! He doesn't give any tips on what muscle is working only a few tips on form and how to make the workout harder

Mandy Lee