The Firm Parts: Standing Legs

Susan Harris, Janet Jones-Gretzky, Sandahl Bergman, LaReine Chabut, Jayne Poteet
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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Are you in the mood to die? I did this workout a while ago and I once I get a proper step stool, I will have to bring it back. This tape is not a joke. The only time you'll enjoy it is when you're done. I was sore the next 2 days after doing it, like I had done a heavy weight leg day. And I don't even use heavy weights with this (mostly because I can't). I use 5, 8, and 10 and it's still a struggle.

As the name suggests, this is primarily a legs focused workout with some arms thrown in for a little bit of balance. If you want an arm workout, you'll have to do another video, but I can't imagine why you would because you'll be spent by the time this is over. Lunges, box climbs, and squats for days. This requires a bit more equipment, the tall box and barbell, but if you're cheap like me I substitute the barbell with heavy weights and I have used a bench to accomplish the box exercises (it was a little too tall though, maybe a mistake on my part). Light stretch at the end. Do yourself a favor and consume some protein after this so you won't feel it as bad tomorrow.

Seriously the worst part is the end with Jayne Poteet's section of calf raises and barbell (or heavy dumbbell as I use) hover squats. I kept thinking 'surely this is the last part, they can't make me do anymo- Noooo.' It's a rough one. But you'll do it. Because you're awesome. And you'll definitely feel awesome when you finish!

Instructor Comments:
Salina is the instructor du jour, pretty inspiring body. The instructors are all from the 6 classic Firm tapes, so you'll get a taste of all your faves. Honestly you'll just be focusing on doing the moves and trying not to fall over.



Others have already broken down the workout extensively, so I will just post my overall impressions. I think that this is a good workout for someone that is looking to increase lower body definition and strength. However, there were some parts that were lacking. I don’t feel that the hamstrings, calves, or inner thighs were worked hard enough. Additionally, I felt that the quads were worked a bit too much. There was not much variation in the exercises – front lunge, back lunge, squat, hover squat, tall box climbs, and side raises. Sooo many tall box climbs! Which wouldn’t be bad if there had been more hamstring and inner thigh work. However, since this workout is culled from Firm Volumes 1-6, it wasn’t possible to include additional exercises that weren’t provided in those volumes.
I know this has been compared to Cathe’s Leaner Legs a lot, and I can definitely see the comparison. However, I believe that Cathe edges out Standing Legs, simply because it has everything this one has (except for leg abductions) plus extensive plie squats, deadlifts, and several sets of calf raises. It also overdoes lunges and comes in under 40 minutes, not including ab work.

What I Liked

The music, the elaborate set, the tall box climbs, the 80’s cheesiness of it all. I also liked that there were some upper body exercises included to give this workout a cardio effect. I also really liked the calf raises off the tall step, but there were only two sets of those. I am pleasantly sore!

What I Didn’t Like

In some parts it seemed that the instructor moved a bit too fast. I believe it was a section with just straight lunges, not the lunges going into a squat. As, as I mentioned, I wish they would have included more variety in the exercises –more for the inner thighs, hamstrings, and calves.

What to Watch Out For

Keep your weights handy, because there are some spots where they transition quickly. If you don't include upper body work, it is easier to stay with the same weights you have for legs. If you have tweaky knees, there is a lot of tall box work, so be prepared to adjust your weight or your step. No ab work included, so you are on your own!

Instructor Comments:
I liked each of the instructors a lot. I was not distracted by the heavy breathing or the cleavage haha! I thought some more form pointers could have been given, and sometimes there was no mirror cueing, but other than that, the instructions were fine.



With strength work, I am an intermediate exerciser, who doesn’t really want to move up to advanced work. I have really enjoyed getting into workouts on the ball and Pilates as an alternative to traditional strength training. Recently, I have started getting into split workouts, doing the upper and lower body strength days separately. I got this workout because I had and really liked the corresponding Firm Parts Upper Body workout. I cannot give a review of this entire workout because I haven’t done the whole thing, but, given that I probably never will, I figure I should go ahead and post a review of it.

They vary between using light, medium or heavy weight designations and giving the actual number of pounds they are using. There are some upper-body moves included, but not many. They switch pretty quickly between segments and I did have to stop to get what was required for the next segment several times.

Overall, I enjoyed this workout, or, at least, the part of it I did (almost 30 minutes). They get down to business pretty quickly and in the time I spent, I did three sets of leg presses, three variations of squats, four variations of lunges, and hip extensions and dips. It was a very effective combination of lower-body moves. However, I cannot imagine doing the whole thing. For me, it would be major overkill on the legs. So, I guess I would recommend the workout, but caution about its use, or, how much of it you use.

Instructor Comments:
The segments that comprise this workout are from the original Firms. They have all the cheesiness and effectiveness of those original workouts.

Laura S.


how can anyone say that cathe friedrich's leg workouts are harder than this one. Her workouts will build leg muscle, but this workout will make your legs leaner because you are working at such a fast pace. Everytime I do this tape, I ask myself what have I gotten myself into? This tape will make your heart rate climb to new heights and it isn't even supposed to be a cardio workout!

ena leger


It takes a good video to make a grown woman cry and this video had me on the brink of tears. I have about 14 Firm tapes and this one, by far, is the best of the Firm. The first time I did this my butt was so sore I had difficulty sitting. I was walking alot slower and grimaced every time I had to stand up. I have never sweated as hard as I did doing step for one hour. My clothes are drenched. I can almost wring out the excess sweat. I just did it the second time and had to pep myself up and pray. It's a serious serious workout. If you are serious about getting your butt, (especially your butt), legs and thighs firm and in shape then this is the tape for you. I can't complain too much because I saw an improvement in my behind after the first time. Now after the second time my legs are getting that lean look. Though I dread it and it leaves my butt feeling like it will explode, I do it twice a week because my thighs have officially lost that jiggle and my husband noticed my butt is firmer and this is just after two times doing this! Sometimes in my opinion, the instructors do some moves too fast and I think they should give us more time to change weights and remove our ankle weights and I hate having to remove/put on the weights but even still I will give this tape an A. I can definitely see why it's in the exercise Hall of Fame. Great video!!!



I can only say that I firmly believe this workout was created by nazis! This is BY FAR the toughest of all the firm parts workouts or I would dare say ANY other lower body workout on the market.

That being said, I can no longer make myself pop in this tape. I absolutely feel like I will literally die. There are sooo many lunges, leg presses, squats, hovers etc. that I can barely get thru the whole tape and that is saying a lot because I always finish a tape.

If I could so this one I believe that the results could be astounding in my lower body. Call me a wimp but I doubt I'll ever put standing legs back in my VCR. But for those who can, I salute you!

Instructor Comments:
The instructors are compiled from various firm classics and other tapes



I must weigh in with my disappointment with this video. I was really excited to get it, as I am a true Firm Believer.

I am used to the slow and heavy approach from the Strength/Tortoise/Hare era. I find it very effective, so suprise surprise, I do NOT find this workout effective as a strength-building workout. The moves are done incredibly fast for my taste, so I had to pyramid down in weight considerably. Therefore, I did not feel much burn the next day. Many of the exercises are done without weights at all, which is a nice break, but again, acts as more of an aerobic workout than a strength workout. I'll stick with my "newer" and slower firms

Instructor Comments:
No problems with the instructors, I've enjoyed them on other parts tapes. But I agree with someone else who posted a review for this: when Susan Harris comes up, you DO know that you are about to die!

Deanne (DD1)


I was a little angry that they edited previous workouts together instead of producing a new workout. I also didn't like they fact that i was working upper body with lower body. However, the workout does give you an intense leg workout. I enjoy the tall box steps, and the last segement is BRUTAL. The hover squats really make your legs burn. It's no Cathe friedrich tape, but it's a good workout for anyone who loves firm tapes or wants an intermediate workout.

Instructor Comments:

pat griffin


Worth every penny (and I only paid $7.45!) Do yourself a favor and get this tape, your legs will thank you! Surprisingly, I didn't find it as tough as Tough Tape - maybe having several different instructors doing the leg press segments broke up the monotony. Also, the max dumbells I used were 15 lbs, and I usually do TT with a barbell and 9lb plates. (I'm a beginner, don't laugh!) My legs are hard now (but I didn't have much fat anyway!) This ectomorph is seeking to BUILD muscle and bulk. Hopefully this tape will help!

Instructor Comments:
Come on, I can't believe nobody mentioned that dance/flip thing Sandahl did at the end! Maybe she wants us to learn it and do it with her (fat chance!) Salina is the best Parts instructor I have come across (I have about 5 Parts). The others in general seem cheesy or uneasy, but she seems comfortable, and looks like she could have been a gymnast. Motivating.



This has to be the best lower body video out there. It's 45 minutes long and all standing-- but there is some "floor type" work-- standing leg abductions and glute lifts-- and believe me, they're a great break from the endless squats, lunges and leg presses. Your heart rate will stay elevated throughout the video. The hardest section is at the end, where you do leg press with the barbell and in between sets, you work each calf, keeping the other leg up on the box, so these are burners. Then you finish with several sets of barbell hover squats. You will be finished, believe me. I can't pair this workout with any other-- it's way too tough. But some people have mentioned dreading this workout-- I look forward to it and actually love doing lower body work now whereas before I just did it because I knew I should. This video is a steal-- I got mine for $8.99 but would have paid much more for it. All the Parts videos are bargains, and this one is one of the very best.

Instructor Comments:
All the instructors are from the classic series, and all pretty good. The guest instructor, Salina, has a gorgeous, inspiring physique.

Sara Whitney


What can I say about this video that hasn't already been said? Of every Firm video I own, STANDING LEGS KILLS ME EVERY TIME! Do this tape regularly and you'll have an awesome lower body...period!

Instructor Comments:
Wow! She has the body I've always dreamed of having, and will probably continue to dream about having for the rest of my life! She almost makes you believe she's doing the workout with you. Ha, ha, ha.

Lena Yester


This workout is helping me get off a plateau that I have been on for the longest time!!! I used to do this tape once a week or so a while back but I've been doing it consistently 3x/week for 3 weeks with very heavy weights & FINALLY the tape measure is moving!!!! Previously, I was afraid using heavy weights would add bulk to my thighs but not so! You must be prepared to kick your butt with this workout because it is very, very tough especially using very heavy weight. I cut back on cardio to make room in my routine for this workout and it's working! This is a *must* buy!



Nothing can beat this one for lower body work!!! My legs are totalled at the end of this workout. It's THE tape to shape the legs and glutes. Gets in there, kills it, and out in a fairly short period of time. MIS (boring) doesn't come close to this on the leg work!! The FIRM rules!

Instructor Comments:
Compilation of Firms. All the instructors are great, of course.



As this video has been thoroughly reviewed, I'd like to add just a few comments. This is one tough tape - I love it!! My lower body (like many women) is my major problem area, and this tape works the lower body like no other. I work out on a regular basis (I'm an advanced exerciser) and was pleasantly sore the day after doing this workout. Lots of legs presses, lunges, hover squats and some upper body work thrown in. I use this tape along with Upper Body and 5 Day Abs for a total body workout.

Don't pass this tape up - I feel it surpasses MIS in lower body work.

Instructor Comments:
I find all of the Firm instructors pleasant and motivating.

Nancy Webb


I think this is the best tape for leg work that has ever been put out. I perfer it even to the leg work in Cathe's Maximum Intensity Strength. I would rather do this tape and The Firm's Upper Body together then do MIS ANYDAY! I truely believe that this tape belongs in Video Fitness' Hall of Fame!!

Not only is it "kick-your-butt" tough on your legs and butt- but it is also Aerobic in my humble opinion. I use a 30 lb. barbell for all the tall box work, plus 8, 10, 12, and 15 lbs dumbbells for the rest- and my heart rate really gets up there- I keep moving as much as possible! I only put on my ankle weights once- and then leave them on until they tell you to take them off for the last time. It works fine for me.

I also do what I call the "death workout" with this tape. However this may be a little boring for some people. The death workout is to just use a loaded barbell for the entire workout! You just leave the barbell on your shoulders and do the workout without arm movements, unless you can do upright rows or biceps curls, or another barbell move like that-it's your choice what you want to do. I find I do it differently each time. I have found that you have to lower the barbell and do upright rows with squats or even just let your arms stretch out when Salina comes on, because otherwise your arms will cramp from keeping the barbell on your shoulders for that amount of time. It's really strange- the first time I did the Death Workout, I was able to leave my barbell on my shoulders for almost the entire time, without cramping- but I have had some problems since then. Anyway, the real purpose is to just keep moving through out the workout- it really gets aerobic and is like doing a step climber for that amount of time.

Doing this workout has really changed the shape of my butt! Even though I still have 25 lbs to lose- my butt is now lifted and tight- It used to be that you could do the pencil test on my lower butt "flaps"- you know the test, it's a version of the one we have all done on our chests- With this one, if you put a pencil under the bottom of your butt and if it doesn't fall out- you need to work out somemore! But now, the pencil would fall straight down to the floor! What great results! I wish they had a similar exercise for my stomach! It still FAILS the pencil test! LOL

Anyway, I really, really love this workout- and I hope to see it in the Hall of Fame SOON!

Instructor Comments:
Except for Janet Jones Gretsky, I like all the instructors in the old classics. Even Janet is okay as far as I am concerned- just a little annoying.



I wanted to add my review of this video since I consider myself to be an intermediate exerciser...I was very scared to buy Standing Legs because I heard it was so tough...I eventually caved in-I was SO curious to see what it was like...well, it's great...and quite honestly it is my favorite video---not because it is fun but because I feel like Super Woman at the end...

The first 4-5 times I used it I used no weights at all...this is a hard workout and as an intermediate exerciser I wanted to start slow...I also wanted to make sure I was practicing good form no matter how tired I got...after that I slowly went up in weights...

I also own MIS (another video I broke down and bought due to curiosity)...I enjoy this video too but I think SL is a much more challenging lower body workout...

Advanced beginners to advanced exercisers can get something from this all depends on the weights (or no weights) you use...and advanced beginners/intermediates should start slow and work their way into the's definitely worth it in the end!

Instructor Comments:
Salina Bartunek hosts this video...WOW-what an incredible body! And she is also very pleasant and a welcome face in between exercises :) The rest of the instructors are from the classic Firms...they are all fine but my favorite is Susan Harris...I find her very motivating...



If you want the toughest standing leg work squished into just 42 minutes then this tape is for you. It's advanced and a killer of a workout in just 30 minutes. The warm up is 7.5 minutes and it is taken from Firm 2 and Firm 6. The cool down is 4.5 min. and it is taken from Firm 5 final stretch. This workout is also aerobic because my perceived exhertion is telling me that I am in my target heart rate. My heart beats so fast that I feel like it's going to come out!

This video uses Firm 1 lunges, Firm 3 leg abductions, squats and tall box, Firm 4 dips and lunge sections. There is 3 Tall Box sections from Firm 3, Firm 5 and Firm 6. Then there is also the tough squat section in Firm 6 with the killer calf raises. I used to avoid this tape but then I started MAKING myself do it and the results this tape gave are wonderful. Just keep going. Don't give up. YES! It's hard! But it's worth it. If you only have 40 minutes, this tape is the way to go. There is some upper body but not much. Some overhead lifts, bicep and tricep moves and some delt lifts. I have done a lot of standing leg tapes and this one is the hardest I've done. I don't mind all ankle weight changes. I do it fast and try and get a quick drink. I'm getting really good at it! I found that I simply dreaded the last squat section from Firm 6 so I substitute plies. Whoa! My inner thighs are killing me at the end. I hold my barbell like Tracie long does in Tough Tape. If you keep consistent with this tape, it will totally reshape your lower body. Your saddlebags won't be able to compete with your with new gorgeous muscles. You will have muscle tone! Your sagging butt will be lifted with your new toned glutes. The Tall Box does wonders. I love it more than lunges, squats and dips put together. I am addicted to Tall Box. It also has strengthened my weak knees. This tape has made me love my legs. The music in this tape if fun. I love all the Firm tapes and love the music selections. Even though the music on Firm 5 and 6 Tall Box is the same, I still like it. Really upbeat. I used to know the total number of squats, tall box reps. It was in the hundreds. Trust me, you won't be dissappointed with the results Standing Legs gives. I love this tape!!! A++++

Instructor Comments:
Salina has such an incredible body. Too bad she doesn't lead a real Firm video. She comes in doing a cartwheel. I like all the instructors in Standing Legs.

Mandy Lee


Others have said that this is the toughest lower body strength tape there is--I can't disagree that it was at the time it came out, but I don't have to like it. I'm not afraid to work my lower body hard, but I just can't force myself to do this tape. I feel like parts of it are excellent, and other parts, namely the sections from Vol. 3 (a video I dislike intensely), are a waste of time.

I guess I just didn't like how fast the reps were, and alternating between really tough heavy weight work and lunges with light weights, abduction with ankle weights, etc. I have tried and tried to like this video, but I just can't. I'll take Tough Tape or Cathe Friedrich's lower body tapes any time over Standing Legs.



This is the hardest tape for the legs I have ever done. I am so pooped after it, especially after the hover squats at the end. I almost fall to the floor gasping for breath. In a way I avoid this tape because of that. It is more difficult than the lower body section of MIS. The standing leg work with the ankle weights, I find awkward and too simple - sometimes I will go the floor and do leg lifts instead. Very hard tape - great for the most advanced exerciser.

maryann parker


I have the Firm Volumes 2, 3, and 4, so I figured this tape wouldn't be any big deal to do. Whoa, was I wrong! I can't believe what a killer tape this is! I've only done it three times, and each time I've been sore the next day, even though the heaviest weights I've used are 7 pounds. I just can't use the same weights I use for other Firm workouts. For example, usually I do lunges and dips with 10 pounds, and in this workout I only use 5 pounds. You just don't get a break in this video. Almost 40 straight minutes of tall box leg presses, squats, lunges, dips, side leg lifts with weights, and leg lifts to the back with weights. The warmup is from Volume 2, and the stretch at the end is from Volume 5. I think this workout does a good job of balancing the leg work. In some other videos I feel like the only part of my legs that I'm working are the quads, but this workout covers the quads, hamstrings, and outer thighs. As others have mentioned, there is some armwork in this video, but I skip all of it to concentrate on my legs. Plus, I usually do Gilad's Arms of Steel afterwards. I would not describe this workout as fun to do; I have to psych myself up to do it because I know my legs will be burning! When I'm all finished though, I feel that I have conquered! It gets an A+.

Mary Truscott


Standing Legs is a workout that I actually fear. I know it is effective, but it is SO hard. I am an advanced exerciser, and often I don't find Tough Tape too challenging (due to the fact that the maximum dumbbell wts I own are a set of 12 lbs). I find SL to be hard each and every time. It is all those leg presses and lunges! My heart rate even gets up, and the workout really makes me sweat. The great thing about SL is it is so hard, it really pushes me when other tapes can't. The not-great thing is that I really have to psyche myself up to do the workout. And it lacks that "fun" factor to get me to do it for any reason other than reshaping my legs. I would like to do the workout more, but I am not known for my discipline. Sometimes when I am very motivated, I will combine SL with the Upper Body tape, plus some abs. That is one great workout!

Instructor Comments:
The instructors in Standing Legs are pretty good. I prefer Susan Harris, Jayne Poyteet and LaReine Chabut. I am less crazy about the instructing of Janet Jones Gretsky and Sandahl Bergman.



I have become a big FIRM fan of late, and this is definately one of my favorites. I also think it is the *hardest* Firm workout I have done, including Firm Cardio (Strongheart) and Firm Strength (Strong Body), both of which I have done once. (Collage seems to disagree with this, oh well.) I just did the workout again this morning, and I have to admit that even though I love it, I do have to psych myself up to do it in the morning and because of this don't do it as often as I would like. The video is actually probably more aerobic than several of the total body volumes, as well. There are 3 (or 4?) sets of leg presses, and the hover squats from volume 6 are way at the end, which makes them *incredibly* difficult. I had this video before I got Vol. 6, and was amazed at how much easier these were on Vol. 6 than on standing legs -- this video just never gives you a break! I recommend this video highly, but it is definately advanced.

The only problem I have with this video is that since it is formed from the 6 total body videos, sometimes the part telling you what size weights to use is cut and the instructor doing the inbetween segments (can't remember the name) doesn't tell you. (Or she tells you, and then when you get to the second set, you discover that the original instructor said a different size weights.) I suppose if I did the tape more often I would remember better, but I like to vary my workouts alot and never do any one tape too often. Also, I really *hate* having to put on and take off ankle weights three times. I have the ankle weights like Collage sells, and they are better than the older ones I had with the "loop" closure, but I still have to stop the tape 1/2 - 2/3 of the time to have time to put them on. Other than that, though, the production quality is great, and I don't really have any problems with the instruction, just a bit of the editing.

Rachel K. Boeckenhauer


I just tried Standing Legs for the first time this morning and WOW! was it tough! I had been griping in the reader forum about how I don't feel like I've worked my legs much after stepping (Energy Sprint and Kathy Smith), so after getting some input about doing a separate leg strengthening workout I went and bought this tape. I DEFINITELY felt like I worked my legs here, during and after! 45 minutes of squats, lunges, adductions ... and those hover squats, whoa! I don't think I sweat that much on an aerobic day! I have never used a FIRM tape before, but I feel pretty confident that I will see some improvement pretty quickly once I have been using this one for a bit. The music is kind of silly, but easy to tune out, and I rather like the setting, all of that Greco-Roman art, it is interesting to look at while I am sweating and in agony! I would recommend this tape to anyone looking for a heavy duty leg workout. Grade A.

Instructor Comments:

The instruction is good, if somewhat bizarre in this tape. I realize that the tapes that this one is compiled from are a few years old, but what is with those breathy voices and that cleavage? It's like working out with Ginger from Gilligan's Island!

Melissa Dewey


The Firm "Standing Legs" is an excellent workout. Very tough! This workout is kind of deceiving - you will work your upper body as well with this tape. Not really a workout for your wimpy days. I recommend it to someone who just had an aerobic workout that wasn't too tough and has some leftover energy - this will use up your leftover energy.

I did find one thing annoying - I didn't like having to take my ankle weights on and off. You only have to put on and take your ankle weights off a couple of times, but I prefer to only do it once.

Kathy Lapinski


This is compiled from segments of all the original FIRM workouts, so there are 5 different instructors. The "host" of the video, Salina Bartunek, introduces each segment.

Great workout! If legs are one of your problem areas, get this video and its sister video, Floor Legs. This one, as the name states, is done standing. There are lunges, leg presses, adductions, and squats. The only thing I didn't like much is that there are three different leg press routines -- I get pretty bored with those by the third time. The very last routine in the workout is the "hover squat" segment done by Jayne Poteet. That is really tough! You'll be glad they put it at the end, so you can rest afterward!

Annie S.


I have had Tough Aerobics Mix and Not So Tough Aerobics (formerly Light Aerobics Mix) since they first came on the market, but had avoided the other Parts videos because I thought they would not train me aerobically. Being the owner of all the FIRM total body workouts, I felt I could get enought strength training and still train aerobically--therefore, the Parts videos did not appeal to me (other than the aerobics tapes).

Finally, I decided that Standing Legs would have to be aerobic, especially if compiled from the total body volumes that used weight training in the aerobic zone.

WOW! I was right. Standing Legs is a superb short workout for not only the legs, but the buttocks, thighs, arms AND you get an aerobic workout. I used heavier poundage (40 pound loaded barbell) for the box sequences. For other sequences I used from 8 to 15 pound dumbells

I am pretty fit, but after this workout I was wasted! This was one of the best workouts I have had in a while. So if you are like me and want aerobic training with your weight training and are sometimes short on workout time, don't hesitate to but this tape. I can't wait to do it again!

Grade: A+

Amy Steppe


The first time I did this tape, my glutes were sore for three days afterwards! I admit, I had to take longer rests near the end! Absolutely the toughest leg workout, and never boring - and the Parts videos are such a bargain! Don't miss this one!

Serena Schlueter


I have to admit it. I hate this video, yet I am compelled to continue using it because it gives me the results I love!!! That's the motivation. I don't believe in the "no pain, no gain" credo, but this video has my muscles sore for three days after my workout. I have seen my legs get toned, my saddlebags disappear and compliments galore. I have a wedding in Florida and I bought my bathing suit for the one day on the beach. It was a bikini and my butt looked great.

There's no time to rest in this video and your heart rate just goes up. I have to give this video an A+++

Instructor Comments:
Salina is great. She motivates me to do this video.

Casey Westmoreland


You would have to be really masochistic to do this tape. The cybex leg press machine looks inviting compared to this routine. It spells PAIN ok? It kills. If you wanted to wipe out every single thought or any ounce of psychological stress, do this tape. You won't be thinking about anything else except "PAIN". You won't be bored. Everytime I do it, I askmyself, " Are you crazy?!"

Instructor Comments:
IT is a compilation, but Harris is still my favorite. When she comes up, you know you're going to die.

Meg Gonzales