Definition - Lower Body

Joyce Vedral
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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A terrific lower body workout. Although you don't need to buy the video or dvd to use it (the book works fine), I like having it as a 'coach'.

Her rep speed is 1 rep per second.

You do 5 sets of 15 reps on the non weighted exercises, otherwise you do the pyramid - 12-10-8-10-12. No rest breaks!

Min plan:

Squat (wts)
Lying leg extension (I use the leg extension machine at the gym)

(no wts) Lying scissors
(no wts) lying down bridge work (lifting your butt into the air)

(wts) Seated straight calves
(wts) Seated angled out calves

Max plan:

(wts) Leg curl (I use the machine)
(wts) Front frog leg squat

(no wts) STanding back leg extension (you hold a chair, bring in your knee, and the kick your leg out back and to the side).

Standing butt squeeze (a shallow rapid squat with a butt squeeze at the top pof the motion. No weights, except as 'anchors' - you do 15 reps per set, keep wt the same)

STanding straight calf
Standing angled in calf

Overall, EXCELLENT workout!!

Instructor Comments:
See my earlier review on upper body.