Crunch: Brand New Butt

Janis Saffell
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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This is a fairly good workout for your legs. It makes a complete intermediate-level workout if paired with another video such as one with cardio or one that works other parts. However, I've only done it a few times because the instructor says "good job" so much that it drives me nuts. In fact, once I counted the number of times she said the word "job" -- over 60 in a 25 minute workout! If that doesn't bother you, I would recommend it.

Instructor Comments:
Nice lady, cues well.

Elizabeth P.


I received a $10 gift certificate from so I decided to get a new lower body video. I decided to try Brand New Butt because I love Janis Saffell. I am happy that I got this video. It's a 20 minute workout for your glutes but you will also work the quads and hamstrings somewhat. She starts off with standing exercises using a step or chair for balance but gives modifications for more advanced to use nothing for balance. This is what I did. There were a couple of moves that I did need to grab the shelf of my entertainment center. I felt these but will probably use hand weights next time to make it a little more intense. Then she moves on to some good floor work. Some of the moves she uses a small dumbell for extra resistance. You could also use ankle weights for a little extra as well. She has a really great move that involves hip rotation that really works the muscles.

This is more of a beginner/intermediate workout but you can add dumbells to the standing work and ankle weights to the floorwork for an intense short workout. I also have Firm Standing Legs and Firm Lower Body Sculpting and I would rather do Brand New Butt anyday. The instruction is better and so is background. A good video for non-Firm fans like myself.

Instructor Comments:
She is one of my favorite instructors. She's peppy in this video but not to much where it's annoying. I believe this is a older video because Janis looks a little younger than in her CIA videos. There isn't as much of the Crunch whooping in this video. Some parts when they show the background exercisers they are showing grimaces which I think is pretty motivating!!