Crunch: 10 Minute Buns

Janis Saffell
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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This is a pret

ty good little add-on tape, especially considering that it is often available bundled with other Crunch tapes at a low price (I paid $7.99 for this and Joy of Yoga bundled together). I am not the hugest Crunch fan (or Janis Saffel fan for that matter) but I found this tape quite enjoyable. It avoids many of the things that annoy me about Crunch tapes (too many compound moves, really strange order of exercises, lack of completeness) because it is so short and has such a specific mandate that it can't help but do things properly.

Following an extremely brief warm-up of touches, taps, heel dips and one or two stretches, Janis leads the class through three distinct sections. The first section is standing, using a chair for balance. It includes a rotation exercise, a rear "squeeze" and side kick, fist singly, then in combo. This is followed by an "arabesque" sequence of more lifts and rotations. Again singly, then in combo. The second section is done from a modified push-up position off a chair, and involves a series of leg raises, bent knee raises and pulse lifts. The third section is a squat series with several variations. This is followed by a brief stretch to conclude the workout.

If you enjoy focused isolation work on one side of the body at a time, this would be a great workout. It also has relatively few squats compared to other workouts of this type, and no lunges, so if you need a break from those, this might be a good choice. There is enough variety and combo-ing going on that usually boring leg lifts actually are fun. Intensity-wise, I certainly worked up a sweat, but I did not feel tired at the end, and was not sore later (as I usually am with Kathy Smith's more squat-intensive 12-minute functionally fit tape). I would not suggest this as a solo stand-alone workout, but as an add-on to a cardio or stretch day, or perhaps as a light lower body workout if you are sore from something else, this tape would be a good change of pace.



Now you have no excuse! You know you have 10 minutes to get this workout in your daily routine. It is a short 1 minute warmup with some hamstring and back stretches. Then you go into standing glute/butt work. Using a chair, you do side kicks and back sweeps. Then you put your hands on the chair and do a modified table move where you lift your leg to the back and squeeze. Then you bend your leg and do pulses. Finally you do a nice variety of squats. Single squats, Two count squats, Three count squats, pulse squats and then just peak hold squats. Then you get to sit on the chair and stretch. It's a nice variety of squats and you can always add dumbells and ankle weights for more intensity. The end is a quick 1 minute stretch for your hamstrings and outer hip. The background exercisers are in super shape and it's a really nice bright colorful set with wooden floors. One of the models in the background looks like a darkhaired, Pam Cauthen. She is wearing green and is on the left of the tv screen. Janis is wearing a black tank and black bike shorts. She is wearing more makeup then her CIA video's. Her hair is pulled back into a pony tail. The music is upbeat and jazzy. No vocals. I like it because it reminds me of the Firm music. This is a no excuse workout. If you got 10 minutes, you can do it!

Instructor Comments:
I like it how Janis adds some slow side kicks in this workout. You know she loves Kickboxing! She is gorgeous and super friendly and smiling all the time. Not a sticky sweet like Denise Austin but a classy sweet with star quality. I predict that Janis is going to be the next Kathy Smith of fitness video's.

Mandy Lee


This is a good short video that focuses on bun work. You need a chair or something similar for balance and to lean on. This is very similar to Firm floor work, but you do it standing up. There is a very short warm up, a set of leg twists, where you put your foot up to your knee and then rotate your knee out (hope this makes sense) a set of push to the backs with your heel and then side kicks, and then you do a combo of these moves. The next short section, you bend your leg up behind you and then do lifts, and pulses. This is similar to some of the floor work on the firm, and can be quite effective. Then with your knee bent and your buttock engaged by lifting you rotate your leg, this is killer. You then lean on the chair, sort of push up style, and do some rear leg lifts and heal to the ceiling lifts and pulses. And finally sets of squats.

This is a short workout that I use to supplement my schedule. Since I'm not a morning person, I try to do this short tape a couple of mornings a week to get my metabolism moving. I don't believe in spot toning, but doing some work for those big muscles helps rev me up. I've also used this to help me get moving when I'm very lethargic and don't want to work out. I start out with 10 minute buns and when I'm done I feel I have enough energy to move into my normal workout. This might also be used as a substitute for floor work for people who hate being on the floor, same type of moves but standing.

This is an intermediate tape that can be made harder by using ankle weights. Although I do Cathe and the Firm, if I really concentrate, I can feel this work with or without weights.

This is a Crunch Video with the usual "girls" as background exercisers. Although I don't think there is a single comment regarding your favorite outfit or miniskirts, thankfully.

Instructor Comments:
Good instructor, good cueing. There is a little bit of perkiness factor here, but not too bad. Typical crunch babble about how you'll have "great buns". At the end she even says 'kay guys, which I actually find kind of cute.