Aussie Fit Trim, Taut & Terrific! Hips, Thighs & Buttocks

Kim Dalla-Bona
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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This 45-minute toning workout, led by Kim Dalla-Bona, is one of a two-part series, the other tape being for the upper body and waist.

The workout starts with a 7-minute warming up and stretch. The exercises performed are: lunges, dips, side lunges and squats; this section is tough! Shins, calves (three levels of difficulty are shown for calf raises, one person using a telephone book for calf raises) and leg curls. The floor work covers table work, leg lifts, inner thigh lifts and pelvic tilts. After each section you stretch out the muscles you’ve just worked. The instructor shows how to make some of the exercises easier. Weights are not used, but you could add ankle weights if you want. The workout ends with a lying and seated stretch (about 8 minutes).

A doctor gives exercise tips a couple of times during the workout. There’s also a tip on choosing suitable training shoes.

I think this is a good workout – probably very hard for beginners, good for intermediates and probably also good for advanced exercisers.

Instructor Comments:
Kim Dalla-Bona comes across as pleasant and friendly. She gives lots of reminders about form and walks around the group to correct form.

Glynis van Uden