29 Minute Workout: Great Legs

Liza Elliot
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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I bought this tape 5 years ago, when I just started working out. It kicked my butt the first time I did it! About a year after that, my cousin introduced me to The Firm, and this tape was collecting dust on my shelf. So after all this time working out (and doing the Firm Volume 1's KILLER floor work with ankle weights), I figured that this tape wouldn't be a challenge anymore and decided to put it on the exchange. Am I glad I didn't!! I just did for the first time in years and it's STILL tough, even without weights! It consists of a short warmup/stretch, a floor section, a standing section and a stretch at the end. Liza Elliot is a very good instructor (although when she cues, left and right, you aren't mirroring her, she actually means HER left and right, but that really isn't a problem). She's very motivating and doesn't pretend like she's oblivious to "feeling the burn". I really liked the music too, kind of jazzy piano.

The 1st section is floor work, and it's tough. It works just about every muscle in your lower body. It consists of a quadricep leg lift (with a little variation at the end that works your calves slightly), a tough outer thigh lift combo (a set of regular lifts, a set of tough press backs, and then a set alternating those two moves, OUCH!), a killer 3-count outer thigh lift, and finally inner thigh lifts (which weren't as tough as Volume 1's). But wait, there's more: TABLE WORK!!! The table work moves are familiar. But what makes it tough is the way in which you hold the contraction and then pulse at the top. This section really targets the buttocks, but there is a hamstring curl in there somewhere. Basically, your glutes are contracted in some way throughout the table section. You WILL be burning after the floor work.

The 2nd section is the standing leg work. It consists of static lunges, plie squats, abductions and regular squats. It's a good section, but it isn't as tough as the floor work. You could probably add weight to both sections for more intensity.

The static stretch at the end is a nice and relaxing finish to this workout.

If you're looking for a great leg workout (that's very short and cheap too, I think I paid $7 for it), then I would highly recommend this tape.