:08 Minute Legs and Buns

Jaime Brenkus
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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These workouts are available separately on VHS; I got the DVD which includes both of them on one disk, plus a bonus “8-Minute Stretch” workout and some extras such as form pointers and previews of other tapes in the series.

The workouts in this series all share the same format: a main screen where they demo the movies, a bar up the side that indicates where in the workout we are, and on the bottom, two clocks---one counts down how much time is left for that specific exercise, and the other counts down how much time is left for the workout as a whole. I found these features extremely motivating; in fact, I often use a kitchen timer in my other workouts to produce the same effect.

Each exercise gets only one set, performed for as many reps as you can fit in with the time allotted (usually this is 45 seconds). The Legs workout is mostly standing work: squats, lunges, dips, kicks and the like. The Buns workout is mostly floor work: lifts, extensions, kicks etc. They are fairly intense considering the short time frame: one or two would be a nice add-on, and if you throw in the stretch you’ll have a respectable half-hour workout. I got both disks off Ebay for $15 and am very pleased with the purchase.

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