Tae Bo Kicks

Billy Blanks
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Children and Teens

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“Tae Bo Kicks” is a 38 min. bodyweight calisthenics (push-ups, crunches, leg lifts) & kickboxing (punch & kick variations) children’s workout led by Billy Blanks. My daughter’s class had used this workout to sub for a rainy day physical education class, and she really enjoyed it, so that is the reason I bought it. Unfortunately, this workout is out of print (won’t find out Walmart or local store), but can be found from vendors online (not the usual fitness video vendors, I had to really search for a new copy), so that was a bummer in acquiring this video. This workout has an energetic cast who have different levels of abilities, and all try their best, and Billy does a great job of demoing the exercises (slowly & clearly) while providing form pointers & encouragement for the kids (talks about water breaks, why exercise is important, what's normal for the body to feel like during exercise). He does walk around to point out form, and his two helper/instructors are on the floor w/ the kids for more form pointers & encouragement. The exercises are easy to follow along, mostly low impact & demoed w/ a basic movement pattern and/or slow pace, w/ time for practice, then the pace is cued faster for subsequent sets (on some exercises). Billy sequences in marching & jogging in place in between completing the sides of exercises. Most of the exercises are performed standing, but the workout ends w/ floor exercises. The helper/instructors count out all of the reps, which can be good to keep the kids on track w/ the reps but it is a bit much to hear all of the reps counted the entire time (not sure the kids need that much counted for them, as most can follow along w/out each rep being counted). Overall, it’s a solid workout for young & a bit older kids, too. My kids have tried a few fitness videos, and many were too basic or silly (w/ language or demeanor in my opinion), but this one is structured well (good flow, fun, focus on movement but w/ purpose) & there is room to grow w/ it (can use for many years).

Set: red, blue carpet, gray walls w/ pillars, blue trim, posters of Billy & kids all over space.

Music: upbeat vocal & instrumental

Cast: 2 female instructors workout w/ kids (one is Billy’s daughter), 8 kids of varied ages (mix of boys & girls).

March in place

Arms alternate opening to side & closing chest level in lowered position of plie/sumo squat

Neck rotation: side, center, side

Shoulder rolls (rear)

Alternate toe touches & hands on hips

Knee lift w/ overhead arm pull down

Jab punch, right

Jumping jacks

Hip isolations, side to side

Front kick, right

Jab punch, other side> Marches

Shoulder rotations: in lowered position of plie/sumo squat w/ arms held out to sides & circle> ribcage shifts to each side w/ movement> Marches

Alternating Uppercut punches

Front kick, other side> Jog in place

Alternating Hook punch

Speedbag arms: facing side

Slow 2 steps forward, 2 rear (demo of basic movement pattern)> alternating cross punch w/ forward steps, clap hands on rear steps.

Lowered position of parallel, narrow stance> single leg tap to side, reverse motion.

Knee lift w/ arm pull down: set at slow pace> then fast pace> Jog in place.

Jumping jack, jab: one jumping jack, step to side then jab punch to side, alternating sides.

Torso twists: in lowered position of plie/sumo squat.

Inhale & exhale w/ overhead arms that push to front.

Alligator kick: side kick w/ pointed foot.

Robot: bent arms extended in front of body> alternating turn to face side w/ forward bend, return to center> Ribcage isolations: side, front, side, rear.

Press w/ knee bend: hands clasped, arms pulse overhead w/ knee bend.

Overhead Press: OP in in lowered position of plie/sumo squat.

Calf raises: single reps, static hold at top.

Fighting guard: rotate body to face side, then lower into plie/sumo squat, hands in guard position.

Cross Punch

Floor exercises
Push Ups: wide stance on knees

Seated w/ legs extended to front: single leg lifts

Support upper body on elbows, one leg extended, other bent knee to chest: kick bent leg & reverse motion.

Side lying position: bent knee lift.

Prone position (face down) on elbows w/ one leg extended, other bent knee: bent knee lift & reverse motion.

Crunches w/ arm reach upward: bent knees.

Crunch w/ single leg lift: legs extended to front> overhead arms/hands lift to tap foot, alternating sides> Jog in place.

Inhale & exhale w/ overhead (single & double) arms that push to front.

Hold arms out to side: alternate flexing & releasing hands.

Face side & alternate reach w/ arms to side w/ small lunges & reverse motion (looks Tai Chi inspired)> Overhead arms & reverse motion.



I traded to get this workout video for my 4 year old daughter (with a bit of a thought that I'd enjoy doing it with her). I have never owned any Tae Bo videos before, except Postnatal Tae Bo. Since receiving this a few days ago, we have done it twice, and I promptly went online and ordered 3 more Billy Blanks videos!

This video runs around 38 min. (with about 3 min. of that being a Tai Chi cool down and motivational, hand-holding talk at the end). I did this workout this morning with my daughter (she only gets about 20 minutes into it before losing interest)....and I didn't take notes on the order....but here are some things you'll do:
*punches/jabs (front, cross), uppercuts
*arm circles, overhead presses
*kicks (front, side)
*1-legged squat/toe-taps
*brief high impact segments of jumping jacks (very brief and only twice in the workout, IIRC)
*some short floorwork (pushups, leg lifts, ab variations)
*punching bag
*sumo walk (then with cross-punch)
*torso twists
*and a very silly hip swivel and a "The Robot" segment that DD loves

I added weighted gloves to this today and I worked up a good sweat; I feel nicely worked. This would be great for older children (my 4 year old may be a bit too young, but she does a good portion of it....there are other younger background participants and it is quite entertaining to see their efforts). I also recommend this for adults who are interested in Tae Bo but want to ease into it (or who just don't like the super-quick pace of the newer offerings).

Instructor Comments:
Billy Blanks is chatty, but not too overbearing. He is encouraging and--I think--does a good job making the exercises approachable and non-threatening and fun. He gives feedback about proper form (but not a lot) and talks about a stronger body, knowing your body, being in control, etc. I thought it was all appropriate for children.



The kids are NOT all together in the DVD, which I think would encourage the not so coordinated. The cuing is for the group in the studio. This may confuse kids at home who do know left from right. The music was a bit loud, would have liked to hear Billy better. The two female adults were encouraging. Most everyone looked like they were having fun. My son enjoyed it. (I did it too and I could feel some leg burn.)

Instructor Comments:
Billy walked around to most of the kids to encourage them during the DVD. His cuing was for the studio group, not the people at home so ALL the lefts and rights were wrong if you're watching the TV. He did get to doing what seemed like equal reps on both sides but not always together (left side then immediately right side.)