Steppin' Babies

Laura Brown, Laura J.S. Brown
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Children and Teens , Pregnancy/Postpartum , Step Aerobics

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I was pleasantly surprised by the intensity of the workout I got with this video, which was loaned to me by a VF buddy when I was pregnant with my now 6 month old baby. It's amazing what a 10-15 lb. baby strapped to your chest does for the intensity level!

Though the choreography isn't interesting in the way the combos in a Cathe or CIA tape would be, for a video designed to be done carrying a baby it's not bad. Brown obviously makes an effort to make the step workout as interesting as she can without being unsafe.

On the other hand, I really did not feel comfortable holding my baby in my arms for this tape as Brown and the background exercisers demonstrate--I felt much more secure when I put the baby in a front carrier instead. I felt that my form was better and he was more safe and secure. He also was more likely to fall asleep while in the carrier, no small thing when you are blessed with a very fussy baby!

The set is pretty spartan, and the music is dull, but for new moms looking for workouts they can do with the wee one, this one fits the bill. It's the only step video in this category, I think.

Instructor Comments:
While Brown's cuing seemed fine, she makes Karen Voight seem gregarious! I do wish she'd smile.



This video is a step workout and you hold you baby in your arms while you do the workout. You could also use a front carrier to do this workout. Warm up 7 mins, Step Aerobics 25 mins, Step Cool down and stretch 10 mins, Abs and Arms 8 mins and baby playtime 5 mins. I actually was surprised I liked this video and even broke a sweat. It is amazing that such basic moves could make you sweat but when you add a baby in your arms it really makes it a good workout. My daughter Kaylee enjoyed it and fell asleep several times. I purchased this video through and I could not find it anywhere else......I am glad I found it. I wish there were more baby and mom workouts it makes working out not only funner but you can then find time because you are including your child.

Instructor Comments:
I liked her and you could tell she was used to teaching step classes. She cued very well.

Michelle Pitsenbarger