Fun House Fitness: The Swamp Stomp

J.D Roth
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Children and Teens

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This is a kids' exercise video geared towards young children between 3-7 years old. The exercise portion of the video lasts approximately 30 minutes. Jane Fonda hosts the video. She appears at the beginning, introducing the video. She is not a participant. J.D Roth, the host of the children's program Fun House (a kids' stunt show with lots of gross messes that kids will love to watch), leads the video. The video is built around a story. J.D. and his group of friends (kids about 7-10 years old) need to find a way to get into the Fun House. To do this, they must learn a dance called, "The Swamp Stomp." A costumed "jungle princess" appears, and begins to teach the dance. The dance consists of other costumed jungle characters (a penguin, a monkey, the widow spider, a kangaroo, a flamingo, a frog, a lizard and a zebra) teaching mostly low-impact, simple dancy moves that relate to their animal characters(knee lifts, waddles, marches, little hops, ab crunches, a few modified pushups, "crawling like a spider," and even "the monkey!"). I would describe the style of the music and the choreography as "kid funky." Finally, "The Swamp Stomp" is complete, and then the participants take it from the top (beware, CIA fans!). The Fun House door opens, and the workout ends with a 3-minute Fun House race through an obstacle course (complete with a timer at the bottom of the screen. Kind of like an Intense Moves sprint for the kiddies! There is then a cool down. After that, there are clips from the Fun House show (pies in the face, paint balloons exploding on top of the kids' heads, and slime, slime, slime!). This was my 5-year old son's favorite part, since he's really into "gross" now! Throughout, J.D. emphasizes fitness as fun, the importance of warming up, cooling down, and drinking water before, during and after workouts. He mentions, "It's OK if you don't make it all the way through the tape." There's even some basic form instruction for some of the exercises. This is a video that I actually enjoy doing with my kids! I think that it is excellently done, and I highly recommend it to families who have 3-7 year olds!

Instructor Comments:
J.D. Roth is the host of the children's stunt, pie-in-the-face and worse, program Fun House. He looks eternally youthful, and relates well to kids. He does a good job of stressing the importance of warming up, cooling down, and drinking water before, during, and after working out. He also presents fitness as a fun, important thing to do, and talks about playing sports as a way of getting fit.

Kristin Aziz