Exercise With The Teletubbies

Year Released: 2001

Categories: Children and Teens

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I LOVE this video...it is very repetitive, and goes through a few basic activities that young children can follow along with. My son started using this when he was only a year old, and my daughter was three, and they loved it equally. (They are now two and four, and still loving it!)
It shows activity like jumping, marching, crawling, stretch up high, stand up and sit down, and other simple exercises. They will announce "stand up and sit down" for instance, and then the Teletubbies will do just that-and they will go over each thing a few times. I think this is great, because kids learn from repetition, and it taught my one year old exactly what "marching" or "jumping" meant-so it teaches words to very young children, as well as having them exercise along with the Teletubbies. It also has small sections showing children of all different backgrounds doing physical activity. I totally recommend this one!

Instructor Comments:
To most people who are not parents of very young children the Teletubbies may seem annoying-but to young children they really DO have something to offer. They speak very little, and when they do they are repetitive-and both of my children (my son is 2, my daughter is 4) have learned to say certain repetitive words from the Teletubbies! They also show what I call "baby humour" in their shows-such as one of them walking up to a puddle, looking around to see if anyone is watching, and then splashing in it. (to a toddler, this is humour on "their level" and they will giggle like crazy!)

Amy Phillippe