Baby 'N Me Workout

Tammy Cousino
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Children and Teens , Pregnancy/Postpartum

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Mandy already broke down the video into sections so I will just add what I thought about the video. For one, it was nice to be able to have a workout that included your baby and that your baby also got to do some exercise just for them. I loved the range of motions exercises for the baby and the infant massage...The aerobic section was not challenging at all but it was nice to hold the baby and move about. I thought the toning was pretty good though she seemed to really target your glutes real well in this video. I did this tape with my 3 month old daughter and seemed to enjoy it. I thought the exercises on the ball for the baby were great for strengthing their little necks. I just did this video about an hour ago and my daughter has been asleep ever since then....hmmm maybe that massage at the end=)

Instructor Comments:
She has a pleasant voice for one. She is a registered Physical Therapist and Certified Athletic trainer.

Michelle Pitsenbarger


Baby 'N Me workout is a no excuse workout you can do with your baby. They recommend that the baby have good neck control. I usually do my tough workouts alone so it was a nice change to include Lexie, my 4 1/2 month old baby girl. It was fun using Lexie as my resistance. This video comes with a 25" diameter exercise ball and 3' resistance exercise band.

The video starts off with a nice neck stretch which all new mothers need! It also has stretches for shoulders, triceps, chest and back. After the stretches, you do some toning with resistance bands. You also do some overhead lifts with your baby and bicep baby curls too. Lexie loved the overhead lifts and was laughing. Tammy Cousino, the instructor, tells you to "kiss" your baby as you lift her/him up.

Next you sit on you ball holding your baby, bouncing, rollling and squeezing your pelvic floor at the same time. Then after that you put your baby on the ball which strengthens the back and neck. Lexie was laughing. She was having a ball! ( Pardon the pun!). After the ball is the low impact aerobics while you hold your baby. The aerobic section includes grapevines, knee ups, hamstrings curls and some turns. It is very gentle so don't expect your heartrate to go up too high. The squats were a challenge because of the weight of Lexie. Then you do some more lifts with the baby.

Next are floor exercises for your abs, inner and outer thighs and buns. You use your baby as resistance during some of the ab work, then you do some chest work using your baby. I got some drool in my face during this exercise! Then you move on to inner and outer thigh work, with your baby lying in front of you. Tammy suggests that you nurse but that wasn't my cup of tea. You can use ankle weights for a real challenge.

Then it's back to baby range of motion. Lexie was getting a little tired by now so she didn't cooperate like the other babies in the video. The exercises included bicep wrist flexing, circling, knee ups, feet clapping, etc. Last but not least is 10 minutes of baby massage. Tammy instructs the mothers as they massage their babies. It was very informative.

All in all the workout was very pleasant and I had a lot of fun just being with my baby. The music is a very nice quiet nursery rhyme type music (Old Macdonald had a farm, Row, Row, Row your boat, Skip to Ma Lou). Even my other children came in to exercise with me. My twins brought in their dolls and were doing the video too. The set is a bright room with sunny windows in the back. There are wooden floors and a plant in the back. The two mothers in the background each have a baby. One is 4 1/2 months and one is 6 months. This is a very unique video and I would recommend it to any new mother who wants to spend some time with her baby while doing something good for herself. Lexie slept well after the workout so it was good for her as well.

Instructor Comments:
Tammy Cousino is a very knowledgable instructor. She has a quient pleasant voice as she is teaching and giving advice throughout the workout. For example, she tells you to change the position of the baby if the baby is not happy. Even though she doesn't have a baby to hold, she puts her arms out as if she is holding one. Her choreography is very basic and low impact.

Mandy Lee