The Kettlebell Goddess Workout - Odyne

Andrea Du Cane, Kristann Heinz, Nicole Du Cane
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Kettlebell

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Odyne is one of six follow along workouts on The Kettlebell Goddess Workout DVD. It's about 20 minutes long, including the same mobility joint warm-ups at the beginning, and stretches found at the end of each workout.

Swings: 15 using 2 hands, followed by 15 with each arm in succession.

One legged military press: military press from the clean position with one leg behind you, six times each side, for two sets.

Walk swing: 26 reps

One legged lat pull: you're in the bottom position of a one legged deadlift, and from there you tense your lats and tighten everything to do a lat row, keeping the opposite leg behind you. They do six on one side, then switch, for 3 sets.

Snatch: 15 each side

Dragon walks: 21 steps; variations are shown holding one bell by the horns, one in the clean position, and one light one on each hand, palms and arms up.

Double swings: you need two kettlebells of the same weight; they do 15 for 2 sets.

Double cleans: same thing only doing cleans instead of swings.

My only issue with this is you really can't sub dumbbells for the last two moves, but otherwise, it's yet another kick butt workout!!

Instructor Comments:
All three women show excellent form. There is no fancy set or music - just solid kettlebell work.