The Kettlebell Goddess Workout - Callipygos

Andrea Du Cane, Kristann Heinz, Nicole Du Cane
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Kettlebell

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Callipygos is one of the workouts on The Kettlebell Goddess Workout DVD. No fancy sets or music, just a solid, professional kettlebell workout led by three very experienced kettlebell users.

This workout is about 25 minutes long, including the warm-up joint mobility moves at the beginning, and stretches at the end, found on each Goddess workout. For each move where appropriate, modifications are shown for placement of one bell, or use of two kettlebells.

Box pistols (or Pistols): 4 reps per leg; 3 sets. For this one you'll need a stool or a step.

Front squats: 6 reps; 3 sets.

One legged deadlifts: 4 reps; 3 sets.

Step back lunges: 12 with each leg, alternating 6 each of inside to outside, then outside to inside; 2 sets.

Good mornings: six reps; 3 sets.

Mini circuit: swing, clean, snatch; 1 of each 5 times with one arm, then switch arms and repeat.

A really great lower body emphasis workout!! One of my favorites on the DVD so far.

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