The Kettlebell Goddess Workout - Artemis

Andrea Du Cane, Kristann Heinz, Nicole Du Cane
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Kettlebell

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Artemis one of many workouts on the DVD. It is an upper body workout. I substituted two dumbbells for moves where they are using two kettlebells, but you might want to invest in two kettlebells to get the most out of this workout.

Don’t expect fancy sets or motivating music. You don’t need it, and you won’t miss it. They do wear the same color outfits though. The set is draped with multi-colored swatches of material behind them, and kettlebells rest of Greek looking columns. This is serious kettlebell work by three serious ladies, who each show modifications of the moves. What you’ll get is a kick-ass kettelbell upper body workout.

The workout runs 25 minutes, and that includes about 5 five minutes or warm up and 5 minutes of stretches at the end. Don't skip either. You'll need it! I had DOMS for three days after doing this workout for the first time, and that was using a 15# and 26# kettlebell.

Windmills – 4 reps each side; 3 sets. Modifications shown are one kettlebell on top, one on bottom, one on both top and bottom.

Chest press/flies – 6 reps; 3 sets. They each use two kettlebells of equal weight. Dumbbells can be substituted. You’ll want heavy ones.

See-saw presses – 10 reps; 2 sets. Again, you can sub using dumbbells and you’ll want to go heavy.

French press – 6 reps; 3 sets. Go heavy. They go slowly and this is for strength and mass, not endurance, although by now I was getting quite a cardio workout as well, which is both the beauty and miracle of kettlebell work!!

Crush curl – 10 reps; 2 sets. The idea here is not to grip the kettlebell with your fingertips, but to crush it between your palms, thus using biceps and pecs. You can go heavy again. By now you’re sweating buckets, but the best is yet to come.

Swing, clean, snatch – you do ten of each with one arm in succession, take only an extra swing in between, then repeat on the second arm. Unless you’re already an experienced kettlebell user and are very strong, and can do each of these moves without losing good form when you’re tired, I would suggest using a lighter kettlebell for this. I would even suggest moving more slowly than they do if you need to work on form. Never sacrifice good form for speed!!

I cannot wait to do this workout again!!

Instructor Comments:
All three ladies show excellent form.