Kettlebell Butts and Guts

Brook Benten
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Kettlebell

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This all kettlebell workout is led by Brook in a cute gym set with 2 backgrounders, one shows modifications for most moves. You will need a 10-20 lb kettlebell for this workout. The dvd is chaptered very well & has good music. You will work up a great sweat while really targeting your buns!

Kettlebell Butts & Guts: (37 min) This is a heart pumping kettlebell workout. The kettlebell strength work in this provides a great cardio w/o w/ no impact or straight "cardio" work. Exercises include: swing variations, squat w/ an overhead push or toss, low runners lunge, gunslinger, pick up suitcase (weight), pliet w/ upright row, deadlifts, side lunges & dips while looping the bell around your legs, etc.

Fast-Track Express Kettlebell Butts & Guts: (16 min) This is condensed footage from the main workout (above) for days when you're short on time.

Fast-Track Kettlebell Abs: (8 min) This is a floor ab/ core section that uses your kettlebell. Exercises includes: Russain twists, V sit variations, sit ups, leg extensions, oblique crunches, double leg extensions. Brook uses the kettlebell to enhance all these moves.

I am not a kettlebell pro so I used a 10 or 15 # dumbbell and it worked just fine. I really like that I can burn a ton of calories in a strength workout w/ no straight "cardio" moves and how functional kettlebell work is! This dvd has a ton of variety and can be combined in so many ways depending on your time/ energy level for the day. Brook is a fantastic lead- I adore her personality, great cuing, fun workouts. I can't wait for more from her!

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*Intro-Safety & Technique
*Complete 45 Minute Workout
*Express Cardio 15 Minute Workout
*Express Abs 10 Minute Workout
*Stretch & Recover

Kettlebell Butts and Guts offers a truly unique approach to strength training. This kettlebell workout also combines cardio and functional training, making it an "all in one" workout! Plus the only equipment you'll need is one kettlebell. (the size will depend on your fitness level, beginners may want to start with 7-10 lbs and work their way up) The title, Butts and Guts, is appropriate as you'll definitely shape and tone the entire lower body area. However, with the swinging action and use of the bell you'll simultaneously shape and define the arms and shoulders as well--truly a total body shaper! Brook is assisted by Kelly and Gina. Kelly will offer up more advanced options during the workout while Gina will show more beginner versions.

The Complete Workout is 45 minutes long and burns mega calories! You'll begin with a basic warmup to prepare the body and to gentle increase range of motion. Next you'll start with the basic motions without the bell and then you'll pick up the kettlebell and begin with the Russian swing. Brook chose this version since it is safer on the shoulder joints (due to limited range of motion in this swing). Next you'll switch to single arm swings. Brook is very motivating~she shares lots of tips throughout. You'll repeat the swings for lots of reps, making this more of an endurance workout. Following all the swings you'll perform a few "throw & catches" of the kettlebell and then some upright rows. You'll perform the rows with both arms followed by one arm versions. Next up is tough lunge sequence. Brook takes you through side and rear lunges, working each leg to failure. Suitcase squats follow. Again, Brook provides safety techniques to ensure low
back is in proper form. The next move is tough. You'll plant the bell on the floor and lunge deep to the rear. (Kelly makes it even harder by showing how to turn it into a burpee move which is a full plank with hands on the kettlebell) A few upright rows are added as well. Bent over row with a side lunge and then rear lunge follows. You'll then repeat all of these exercises one more time through before concluding with a few brief stretches to complete the 45 minute workout.

When time is of a factor but you are needing a quick cardio and or strength session, pop in the 15 minute workout. Here you'll perform swings, lunges, burpees, upright rows and rows with side/rear lunges--its quick but gets the job done!

The 10 minute ab segment utilizes the kettlebell as a training tool for additional resistance (making the exercises harder). You'll begin with a few pilates type moves such as roll ups and progress into different variations of crunches. Brook finishes the segment by including plank work which is great for strenghtening the entire core area.