From Russia with Tough Love

Pavel Tsatsouline, Andrea Du Cane, D.C. Maxwell
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Kettlebell

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This is not so much a workout as an instructional DVD, and a VERY good one at that! If you can get past Pavelís unusual sense of humor, you have an excellent step by step kettlebell instructional for about 18 moves. All moves are shown with options to try as you progress, or if you just want to change things up a bit. You only need one kettlebell to do each of them, but options are shown with two kettlebells for some.

The DVD runs a little over an hour total. Donít expect catchy, motivating music, matching outfits, or a spiffy set. This is serious kettlebell instruction, and you wonít even miss the fluff. Youíll be concentrating too hard on your kettlebell work. Besides, Pavel has a wacky sense of humor, and youíll get a good core workout laughing at him.

Rocking squats Ė he shows them with and without a step. Unless youíre very flexible and strong, youíll need the step behind you.

Good morning stretches. He shows an option with a step so you can stretch down past the edge of it.

Kettlebell swing
One legged deadlifts
One arm suitcase deadlift. This is also demonstrated using a kettlebell in each arm, and standing on a step to stretch further.

Power breathing technique
Power breathing crunch

Kettlebell clean

Front squat
Overhead squat

Military press
Clean and military press

Turkish Get-up. Variations are shown.

Kettlebell snatch. Variations are shown.


Bottoms-up clean

Rolling sit up

Dragon walks

Enjoy!! This is one I can see myself going to over and over again to correct my form.

Instructor Comments:
You have to get used to Pavel's strange sense of humor, but underneath that he is an excellent kettlebell instructor.