Muscles in a Minute

Barbara Ammirati

Categories: Instructional / How To Videos

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This is an instructional video for the use of dyna-bands, available from Fitness Wholesale. This is by no means a lavish production, but does provide a no-nonsense dyna-band workout.

There is no warm up, they suggest walking the dog or some other activity for at least 10 minutes, or better yet, doing this tape after an aerobic workout. Quite a few exercises are shown for upper body, lower body and abs, mostly with the dyna-band but some without. Barbara goes through 10 reps of each exercise, and you may want to pause the tape to do more reps of some exercises. There is a fair amount of instruction at the start of a new exercise, but it isn't too bad unless you are feeling very impatient! This section lasts about 30 minutes. After this, there is a very thorough 10 minute stretch, partly yoga inspired. The tape ends with a motivational speech, which I skipped.

If you are looking for an exciting video that you can do day after day, this isn't it! There is some barely audible, monotonous sounding background music, and the extraneous banter is non-existant. However, if you have dyna-bands laying around and want a video to show you what to do with them, this is certainly worth the $10 price tag.

Instructor Comments:
No jokes, but perfect form!