Irish Dancing Made Easy

Seamus Kerrigan
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Instructional / How To Videos

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This is not an exercise video but as a change of pace from the usual cardio workouts, you can get a decent workout by learning the jig, reel, treble jig and slip jig. Each dance will take multiple attempts to master but I had a good time trying to do so.

If you are not trying to become a professional-level Irish dancer and just admire step-dancing like it is done in Riverdance, try this. It is as good as the Irish Dancing Step-by-Step tapes by Olive Hurley (for which I am also submitting reviews.)

Instructor Comments:
Kerrigan seems to be a leading Irish dance instructor. He's older (in his late '50s or older by the looks of him in this 1993 production), so many of the steps are demonstrated by a cast of 6 teenage Irish dance champions (clad in their school attire).

Laura B