Gliding Triple Threat

Shannon Griffiths Fable
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Gliding Disks

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This unique, total body gliding workout runs through 4 sequences, each working lower body, upper body and core. Using nothing more than the discs (no other equipment is necessary), the workout is user friendly and challenging for all fitness levels.

The workout is chaptered as follows:

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Warm Up
Swivel Lunge Sequence
Lateral Squat & Lunge Sequence
Forward & Reverse Lunge Sequence
Plie Squat Sequence
Cool Down

The workout is approximately 50 minutes in length. It is a total body workout and some of the exercises offer a cardio affect (good for an additional calorie burn). Shannon offers expert form tips to ensure safety and proper use of the discs.

The set is bright and nice. (Filmed by Mindy Mylrea's company) The music was a mix of familiar tunes.

The sequences flow between each movement. (some offer additional balance challenges) As noted by the chapter titles, you'll heavily use squats and lunges in each sequence & build from there. (these are very effective & cause the heart rate to climb) You'll begin with the lower body and progress through the upper body/core.

In the 2nd segment only, Mindy Mylrea joins Shannon to show "optional" exercises to do with a partner. These are in addition to the actual lateral squat & lunge sequence that is performed first.

Shannon concludes the session with a wonderful stretch using the discs for an additional challenge. This was a fun little workout that made good use of the discs!

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