Gliding Ultimate Buns & Legs Workout

Mindy Mylrea
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Gliding Disks, Lower Body Strength

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I have done gliding-type moves in other workouts (eg, Tracie Long's video) and enjoyed them, so I was eager to try Mindy's workouts.

The Ultimate Buns & Legs workout is an approximately 35-minute workout focused on the lower body. It begins with a 6-minute warm-up which includes shoulder rolls, squats (moving side-to-side with discs under the feet), and stretches. About 10 minutes of standing leg work follows: you will do single leg squats, first to either side, then to the rear, and then move into double leg squats. This segment includes a 2-minute stretch before moving to the floor. The floor work includes bridge moves (with the discs under your heels), side and plank work, and finally, some brief back extensions for a total of about 15 minutes. The workout ends with a 4-minute seated stretch which includes twists. Overall, I liked this workout; I felt that it gave me a bit of a cardio effect, and I felt a slight soreness in the backs of my legs the next day. I found the standing work to be a lot more enjoyable and effective than the floor work, so in the future, I may use the standing portion of the workout only. I definitely recommend this as a good lower body workout for all levels.

Instructor Comments:
This was my first exposure to Mindy, and I thought she was fine. She generally offered good mirrored cueing, and she encourages you to go at your own pace. She works out with a class of four, including two modifiers, one showing easier options and the other more advanced.

Beth C (aka toaster)


Mindy Mylrea leads Ultimate Buns & Legs Workout, a 30 minute gliding disc workout, and is joined by six others, one of whom shows less intense modifications and another who shows more intense. Mindy is warm and friendly without being over the top, and gives plenty of encouragement and form pointers. The DVD that came with the purple discs has three workouts and a section on tips and form pointers.

The set is warm with a fake partly cloudy sky over blue water through windows background, and the music is the same as in many CIA workouts. Very pleasant and not distracting at all. The warm up seems repetitive until you do it. Mindy builds on very basic moves and we do use the discs a bit. Then we move our legs and very quickly you'll feel this! We do side to side lunge and squat combos moving one leg then the other, and make sure to pay attention to proper form for lunges and squats in order to feel the work the right way and not hurt your knees. My knees were fine with this and my legs were SHAKING about 10 minutes into this workout.

Wear good shoes and pay attention to how Mindy tells you to position your feet on the discs, and you'll have no problems. They glided very smoothly on my carpet, and I'm thrilled to know how perfect these will be for my TLT workouts!!

The lunges/squats sequences go side to side, then back. This takes about 16 minutes then is followed by a stretch which must be from another workout because the cast is suddenly different and Mindy is dressed in another outfit, but the editing is seamless. Still, it was weird at first. Then we're on the floor with the original cast and outfits, and here comes the killer parts. If you can do these perfectly the first time through, you are really strong and in fantastic shape.

We do bridge with our feet on the discs, first one leg out then the other, then BOTH legs out. Your hamstrings will be screaming. Then we do legs in and out with both feet on, and then the same in bridge. OUCH. Then we move into full plank with our toes on the discs. Yeah ... you know what's coming. One leg in, then to the side, then back in, then the same with the other, then BOTH to the side while in a full plank. I could not even do all of them. One exerciser does this sequence entirely on her knees. Thank goodness!!

Then we lie prone and use the discs to pull into sort of a cobra, then back down and we raise the feet. Basic superman and this was much nicer. A fantastic stretch follows using the discs to help with range of motion.

I give this workout a solid A!! I can't wait to do the other two!!


Instructor Comments: