Yourself!Fitness (Xbox)

Year Released: 2004

Categories: Interactive/Gaming System Workouts

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this is a fantastic workout,at first, i thought it would be corny, but when i tried it, I am addicted. she has you put in all your stats, : height weight, goals, then has you take a "physical challenge" where she tests your resting heart rate,followed byt a series of (2min) of jump jacks, rechecks the heart rate, and then a bunch of squats, crunches ect... and even flexibilty. So she creates a workout for your fitness level, it is different all the time, and you can chooses from a variety of exersises, like upper body, lower, core ect... and you earn different scenery, and music.
I feel the only downfall is the impact on the shins, and all of my friends who have this say the same. you need to tak a break after a few days and do something else because your shins feel like someone has kicked them, and she knows when you skip days, hehehe.
there is also meal plans from, and some popular diets all with nutritional imformation. at the end of your workout, she usually tells you how many calories youve burned, although ive heard that its truly allot more than she syas, if you wear a pedometer. great workout

Ami v.