Your Personal Workout

Heather Locklear
Year Released: 1990

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This video was made in 1990 so it's pretty old. I wonder if Elle and Karen copied the title of this video when they made Your Personal Best? This workout is quite unique. The first section is what Heather calls,"Kickstart" with a warm up. Very basic. Then she does low impact aerobics with some more jumping at the end for 20 minutes. There is one background exerciser who lets out some whoops which is strange. Must be nervousness. The music is electric guitar/Rock. They don't exercise to the beat, just lots of fun arm movements and grapevine and walking forward and back. This section is called,"Energy". Even Heather lets out this whooping sound so you know she is having fun. Then she does standing toning. This weight section is called "Power" and it is 13 minutes. Like lunging to the side with a lat row. Bicep tricep work. Both lower and upper body is worked at the same time. She looks like she is using 5lb dumbells. Her dumbells look bigger then the background exercisers. This weight section has lunges and so forth. It is light weights. Then she goes down on the floor to do some inner and outer thigh work. The music is great( jazzy sax playing) and Heather says,"Ouch! This hurts so bad". The third part of the video is called,"Grace" and is 10 minutes. It is stretching on the floor and is wonderful. Great music too. The set is bright and has a skyline view in the back. What is neat is with every section the view changes, like with the Power section, it is a sunset view and with the Grace section, it's night and the city lights are out. Heather says you can customize your routine to what you want to do. If you want aerobics, then do the aerobic section. If you want toning, do the weights or if you want a nice relaxing stretch do the Grace section. Just make sure you start with the Kickstart. The total workout is 60 minutes. The video was made by Bally's Health & Tennis corporation.

Instructor Comments:
Heather does a good job instructing. She is cheerful and her smile just is incredible. she is wearing lavender workout leggings with a hot pink turtle neck body suit thong. She is quite thin with no muscle tone. Some of the background exercisers are buff. There are 3 woman and 1 man. The man is Darrin Grove from G-force. He has long hair and is pulled back into a ponytail and a huge green headband that hides his cute face. Too bad! But he does get Heather's mat (how gentleman like!). Then Heather says,"Thanks Darrin". He probably was thrilled to have his name mentioned on video like that. Heather does let out a whoop but its kinda cute. She has a good on camera disposition and I like her closing goodbyes to stick with it! She has a blonde straight hair that is a bob cut with bangs.

Mandy Lee