Diane Youdale's Summer Circuit Beach Body

Diane Youdale
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This is a circuit workout set in Club La Santa, Lanzarote and is definately aimed at those people who are dreaming of their summer holidays and wanting to prepare their bodies for the beach. The setting is beautiful, but only succeeds in making me very jealous of the crew who are enjoying it! The introduction to this video is awful - just skip it! It consists of Diane and camera crew driving around Lanzarote supposedly forcing reluctant tourists into joining them for a workout - very poor acting and painful jokes make the whole thing rather embarrasing. In fact, Diane appears rather anxious throughout this video which leads to a less than confident presentation and some more bad jokes later too.

There are four circuits and guidance as to how to use the video to progress as your fitness level increases. A warm up for all the crew is followed by a very strange aerobic section, which I find difficult to master - it's rather disjointed and not designed for those with limited space - I kept running out of floor space! The second aerobic circuit - number 3 - is similarly confusing, and while I ended up feeling that I had worked, much of this was because I just ran on the spot trying to work out what I did next!

Toning circuits are better - though filming is all over the place and sometimes it is difficult to see what the whole exercise is until it is well under way. Different levels are well demonstrated and Diane is motivating throughout - more as a fitness instructor as she does not participate in these sections. I wish that the same people had remained as advanced / intermediate / beginner throughout, as they kept swapping over which was very confusing.

The warm up was also peculiar - just Diane on her own, and very poor cuing, so I am always a bit behind, trying to catch up!

All in all - a bizarre video that I perservere with occassionlly, but would not recommend.

The jokes made by Diane are embarrasing the first time around so can get a little jaded on the 20th listen! Instruction seems lacking in conviction and is scrappy in places, and explanations about how to perform specific exercises are not given until the end of the tape whcih seems like poor planning.