Diane Youdale's Dance Aerobics

Diane Youdale
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This aerobics video includes Diane demonstrating the beginners movements and Helen the advanced. It is divided into four sections; 10 min. warm up, 30 min. low (beginners) or high (intermediate/advance) aerobics, 3 min. abdominals and 4 min. cool down and stretch. The aerobics is sub-divided into a variety of different dance routines, which are gradually learnt and the danced - they include salsa, egyptian and more athletic styles - some of the routines take some time to learn and don't expect to pick it all up straight away - I'm not great at complicated combinations anyway and was cursing the screen, trying to keep up for the first half a dozen goes - but I perservered and got them in the end.

The term 'advanced' is a little misleading though as I have now stopped using this video as I do not find it advanced enough and was needing to add a lot of extra jumps, etc. to keep my heart rate up - especially due tot the gaps between routines when the next one is being learnt. Also, the abs. section is very short and I ususally double this up.

Still, this is a good beginner / intermediate video that I used to really enjoy for a fun and different workout that doesn't really feel like exercise.

Diane is also known as Jet in the UK Gladiators and is a qualified fitness instructor too. Helen is also a fitness instructor, who I believe is behind most of the choreography, and appears more experienced and confident than Diane. Some mis-cues which you have to get used to with time. The jokes exchanged between the two women can get a little jaded on the 20th listen! Both seem to be genuinely having a good time though, which is infectious.